Guide to all Foraging Locations in Lost Ark

    Foraging or Herbalism is one of the Trade Skills offered in Lost Ark. It allows players to gather flowers, plants, and mushrooms that can be used to craft potions. As with other trade skills, you can unlock foraging skills by completing a chain of tutorial quests. In this guide, we have covered all the Lost Ark foraging locations.

    Anywhere the map shows a green leaf icon in the upper right, is a place for you to farm. To help make foraging easy, we have listed the best foraging locations for you.

    Medrick Monastery

    Head over to the Northern Area of Medrick Monastery in West Lutera. This is an important location for you to rapidly level up your herbalism.

    Go around and gain all collectibles. Beware! Because this area does have enemies but you will be able to clear them out easily. 

    Slime Island 

    This is another location that can help you level up. It contains an abundance of plants for you. However, it is a PVP island, so tread lightly. Slime Island Token can be obtained by killing the Golden Bell Slime. 

    Lullaby Island

    This is a place where you will find a bit of everything but to traverse this, make sure your channels are swapping if there are lots of people. The Lullaby Island Token is dropped by RNG from a chest obtained after completing the Island cooperative quest. 

    Platinum Fields

    Abundant in all the possible resources, Platinum Fields allow you to gather the best of the best Trade Skill resources in Lost Ark. However, to get access to them, you need an entrance ticket. This ticket can be found by randomly harvesting materials in the fields. 

    Once you get the ticket, you will be eligible to queue to two Platinum Field instances i.e. Nahun’s Domain and Old Yudian Canal. Both offer different Trade Skill resources but only Nahun’s domain offers foraging nodes. 

    These were the few important locations in Lost Ark for foraging that can help you enhance your foraging skills. For more relevant stuff, follow Retrology. 

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