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    Guide to all Blim City Luglox Locations – High On Life

    High on Life High on Life is a satirical sci-fi biopunk action-adventure first-person shooter game. It is set in a science fiction universe and includes talking weaponry. When players begin their journey, they will see Luglox Chests spread everywhere. In High On Life, these chests act as collectibles. This guide will assist you in finding and locating all the Luglox chests in Blim City so that you can obtain all the goodies in the High On Life game.

    Luglox Location # 1 – 100 Pesos

    The first Luglox location can be spotted from where you start the journey in Blim city. Turn towards the garage on your right (beside the houses) and look inside it. Here you’ll find the first chest.

    Luglox Location # 2 – 100 Pesos

    Turn right as soon as you leave the garage and go towards the center. The chest is by the railing on the side facing you.

    Luglox Location # 3 – 100 Pesos

    Go towards the opposite side of the railing and into the dining area. Keep going until you reach the end of the dining area, and here you’ll see the chest over some stairs.

    Luglox Location # 4 – 100 Pesos

    Get out of the dining area and look towards the right. Spot an octopus like structure and look under it to find the fourth chest.

    Luglox Location # 5 – 100 Pesos

    Go on the stairs and enter downtown. Take the first right turn here and keep going up the stairs until you reach the chest sitting on top.

    Luglox Location # 6 – 100 Pesos

    Leave the alley and take the escalator present on the left. Come back down from the other side and look for the center of the area. Here you’ll spot the sixth one of these chests.

    Luglox Location # 7 – 100 Pesos

    This one is located near Luglox chest 6. You’ll need to move to the opposite side of the building and then climb the wall to the left. Use the gun to make platforms to reach the area with the chest.

    Luglox Location # 8 – 100 Pesos

    This Luglox chest can be located around halfway up on Blorto’s, a big, circular red/orange structure in the main area.

    Luglox Location # 9 – 100 Pesos

    High On Life Blim City Luglox

    Go back to the main area where you started from. From here, look for a Plop Poppers building and reach its top to find the chest. You’ll need some assistance with speed and jumping to reach there.

    Luglox Location # 10 – 200 Pesos

    High On Life Blim City Luglox

    Don’t go down and keep swinging until you spot another bridge. Here you’ll spot an area to form a platform. Use it to climb up to the top and get the chest.

    Luglox Location # 11 – 200 Pesos

    High On Life Blim City Luglox

    This chest can be found on the second floor of the side street you’ve been on for the 7th and 8th as you return to the map’s center. It should be on the right side, and you’ll need to use your weapon’s Goop shot to open the window, then again to unlock the chest, which should be close to the right.

    Luglox Location # 12 – 200 Pesos

    High On Life Blim City Luglox

    On higher ground, on top of Krust Lord is where you’ll find this chest. You’ll have to climb/navigate your way up the building with the red vehicle in front of it. Then you’ll have to work your way down a turbine before reaching the treasure.

    Luglox Location # 13 – 200 Pesos

    High On Life Blim City Luglox

    Look for this chest on the floating car near Blorto’s. You may need to use some assistance with other floating cars and swing to the location if you start from the last location (12th).

    Luglox Location # 14 – 200 Pesos

    For this chest, you’ll need to spot a giant blue circle (which is a head) and look over it. From the starting point of this chapter, keep using the high jumps to reach the top most level. From there, you’ll be able to see this blue circle by a neon sign.

    Luglox Location # 15 – Upgrade

    The last Luglox Chest can be located in Little Shitaly. You’ll need to shoot the creatures from the gun into a discolored pipe. This will open up the chest position to your right.

    With that, you have all the High On Life Luglox collectibles in Blim City located. For more similar assistance, check out the guides section given above.

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