Guide to all Arthetine Vista Locations in Lost Ark

    Arthetine is an area full of places to explore, quests to complete, and material to collect. In this guide, we will help you with all the Arthetine Vista locations in Lost Ark.

    1. Panorama of the City – Origins of Stern

    Make your way to the Arid Path portal, not far from it you have to check the cavity to the right. Here in the fence corner, you will find an icon to interact with in order to get the Vista you can for.

    2. Port – Arid Path

    Start from the Lupen Port triport. To the left reach the first dead-end of the Lupen port. Immediately after the turn to the left after the last crate, you will find the item to interact with to unlock the Vista you came for.

    3. Valley and the Robot Wastes – Scraplands

    From the Guard Post triport, make your way to the Hoverboard Testing Site. Here, in front of a pillar, you will see an arrow you can use to climb up on it which is not shown on the map. By climbing on top of it you will find the Vista to interact with.

    4. Lab Nebelhorn

    Starting from the Nebelhorn triport on the central side of the island, go to Twilight Hill dead-end under the triport. At the end of the panoramic area, you will find the Vista you need to interact with.

    5. Junkyard – Windbringer Hills

    Go to the Junkyard triport in the Windbringer Hills. On the top of the triport you will notice two elevators and you have to reach the area on the top of the second one. Up in the fenced area, you will find the item you need to interact with.

    6. Clockwork Square – Totrich

    In Totrich, the center of the area has blue arrows, use the bottom arrow to get to the required area. Use a ladder to get to the top of a building, where you will get the Vista to interact with.

    7. Whirlpool Observatory – Riza Falls

    To get to the location of the last Vista, you need to complete the Sandy Path quest. Then enter the portal multiple times. it will randomly teleport you to the location where the item to interact is.

    Hope this was helpful in getting to the locations of Arthetine Vista collectibles in Lost Ark.

    Mofeeza Masood
    Mofeeza Masood
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