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    Guide to all 9 shop components in Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact Version 3.1 keeps coming up with new adventures for players to dive into. Its latest event ‘Of Ballads and Brews,’ allows players to open their shop in the Charity and Creativity game mode. 

    This event gives players an opportunity to decorate their shops using the decorations given to them in the game in the form of Fecund Blessing treasure chests around Mondstadt. 

    Right now, two out of three phases are unlocked in the Fecund Blessing game mode and players can search for all the Fecund Hampers to get various rewards which include some decorations for their shop. 

    Out of all these gifts, only nine are the shop components you will be needing for this event. In this guide, we will tell you how to collect nine shop components in Genshin Impact: 

    Shop Components Locations

    The shop components are scattered around different locations in the area. You will have to explore around a little to get to these locations.

    Shop component 1/9

    You will find the first one near the stage at the wine market. Head over to Springvale using the maps, as you walk past the stage, the hamper awaits you sitting near the bushes. This shop ornament is called ‘Birdie the Waiter,’ and can be hung at the storefront. 

    Shop component 2/9

    You will find your next shop component at the rear gate of Angel’s share. To get to it, teleport yourself to a waypoint in Mondstadt City and head to Diluc’s tavern, Angel’s Share. As you walk to its rear gate, you will stumble upon a hamper. This ornament is a storefront furnishing that you can place in front of the shop.

    Shop component 3/9

    You will find your third Hamper near Barbatos’ feet. Barbatos is a gigantic statue that stands in front of the Cathedral. The shop component you will gain here is called ‘A Basket of Scents,’ which is a flower basket filled with blue flowers.

    Shop component 4/9

    You will get your hands on this component near Ellin. Teleport yourself to the waypoint on top of Knight of the Favonius Headquarters. Now head west to the training ground until you come across a chest containing a landscape piece for Genshin Impact players’ store-side display near Ellin.

    Shop component 5/9

    To find this hamper, you will have to head over to Marjorie’s souvenir shop that you might have visited before. Cyrus has prepared a shop ornament as a gift inside the Fecund Hamper behind Marjorie’s souvenir shop. 

    Shop Components Genshin Impact

    You will find this near Katheryne and the Adventurer’s Guild. A chest awaits you containing an ornament ‘Orderly Queue,’ that you can hang in the shop.

    Shop component 6/9

    This hamper, interestingly, waits for you on the top of a windmill. This windmill is located south of Knight of the Favonius Headquarters and allows you to climb or glide to the top where the hamper sits, prepared by Beatrice. The shop component you will find is a Cider Lake Blue rooftop.

    Shop Components Genshin Impact

    Shop component 7/9

    You will find this component near the Statue of the Seven in Starfell Lake near an old battered cart. Teleport yourself to the Statue of the Seven in Starfell Lake and head southwest till you find the cart. The chest here will contain a store-side display component from Klee.

    Shop Components Genshin Impact

    Shop component 8/9

    After receiving the last hamper, continue walking to Whispering Woods until you see a Hilichurl camp near the lake. This is the enemy’s camp and Bennett has prepared this gift for you. This component rewards players with additional storefront furnishing.

    Shop Components Genshin Impact

    Shop component 9/9

    The last shop component sits behind Goth Hotel in Mondstadt City. You can get to it by teleporting yourself to a waypoint in Mondstadt City and then making your way northwest to the hotel to claim the chest containing the component.

    Shop Components Genshin Impact

    We hope this Genshin Impact guide was helpful for you to find all of the shop components and reap the rewards. For more similar guides, keep following Retrology. 

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