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    Guide to A Plague Tale Requiem Escape The Dream

    As you open the entrance in Chapter 16, you’ll witness a swarm of rats and a massive structure in the distance, which you deduce must be Hugo’s location. A rat swarm destroys the structure, causing the trio to fall. You’ll become separated from others there. This forces you to navigate the rat swarms on your own and return to the starting point to reunite. During it, you have a dream, which you must escape in order to reach Hugo. This guide will help you with how to Escape The Dream in Plague Tale Requiem and what you need to do in this confusing part.

    This Dream is really easy to escape, as there are not really any clues or puzzles to solve for the way out. You just need to walk in a straight line and keep going until you are told what to do and just watch the story unfold.

    Sandstorm – Part 1

    After you reach the bridge’s end for a brief cutscene, you’ll go towards the crumbled-up space with no structure. Till this point, you and others are separated, so proceed to find them. As you move forward, you’ll see the air getting dusty with yellow color covering your surroundings. This is the sign that you’ve entered the Dream.

    During this dream, you have to navigate your way through and it’s quite easy. After every few seconds, you’ll see a bird statue.

    Bird Statues
    Bird Statues

    Follow the statue’s pointing direction and go towards that side. Keep walking until you reach another statue. Repeat the pattern until there are no more statues.

    Sign you're going to the right path to the next stage
    Next stage connection

    Once you hear her say, “Yes, that’s it. I think… Keep going ” you’ll know that it’s a sign of her going the right path. Keep pushing in that direction.

    Skull and Fire – Part 2

    Then you’ll go into cutscene which will take you to another place. This area has fire near you and some gigantic skull statues around it.

    Extinguish the fire
    Extinguish the fire

    Your task here is to extinguish the flame burning. You can easily do it with your sling. Another cutscene will start and then finally, you’ll be reunited with Hugo.

    With Amicia and Hugo focal point in this dream, it tells us how much both of their emotions and feelings have progressed for one another. Amicia as his protector, and Hugo as her junior. The desperation of her wanting to escape the dream and meet Hugo brings good progression to the story. Even though this dream is quite easy to escape, it is important for the story itself.

    That’s all on how to Escape The Dream in Plague Tale Requiem with details. We have more guides covered so do check out Plague Tale Requiem guides on the site Retrology.

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