GamingRole-PlayingGuide to A Plague Tale: Requiem all Chapter 10 collectibles locations

    Guide to A Plague Tale: Requiem all Chapter 10 collectibles locations

    A Plague Tale: Requiem is a game revolving around Amicia, Hugo, Beatrice, and Lucas as they depart their plague-ridden and war-torn native region of Guyenne. Follow their journey as they head for Provence. 

    Where the Order of Alchemists has promised to give the de Rune family safety. Collectibles are a core part of every story-based game and as for A Plague Tale: Requiem. These collectibles range from Feathers to Flowers and are distinct in nature. There are a total of 9 collectibles in Chapter 10. In this guide, we will tell you where you can find each of the Chapter 10 collectibles.

    Knife #1

    The first collectible is a knife. You will find it on top of the building to the right where the first group of enemies are. Make your way to the top of the ruined building(shown in ss below).

    The knife is placed on a barrel beside an archer that you defeated on the roof.

    Tool #1

    The second collectible is located in the area where you have to pull down the door to open the temple. Sneak past the patrolling guards to the top of the building shown in the pictures.

    On top of the roof, you will find the Tool Collectible in a chest. Be aware of the enemy sitting on the roof and knock him down before going for the chest.

    Feather #1 Raven

    You will find the third collectible after you get out of the temple. To make your way out of the temple you need to break the door. Grapple the chain hanging near the door and release it to break down the wall.

    Once outside the temple follow the left path towards a ledge. Climb down the ledge and walk to the end of the path to find a raven feather on the ground.

    Souvenir #1. A Rag Doll

    You can get the fourth collectible just after the cutscene where Hugo runs off having killed some enemies with rats. Go inside the building and to the room. In the left room, you will find a grappling hook. Use the hook to pull down a ceiling beam as shown in the pictures below.

    Climb up the newly available path. On the right, you will see a tree. When you interact with it the characters will talk with each other and at the end of the dialogue, you will get the Ragdoll as a collectible.

    Knife #2

    The fifth collectible is in the area with the enemies where all the hanged bodies are.

    Make your way inside the building shown in the picture below.

    Once inside you will find the knife which is placed on the top of a makeshift counter.

    A Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 10 collectible

    Tool #2

    In the same house go upstairs and open up the chest behind the broken wall to get the sixth collectible.

    Secret Chest #1

    The seventh collectible is a secret chest. To get to it you have to clear out the area when the rats surround you when you are on a cart. Sophia can create an area of light around her with her prism. Create sources of light and make your way to the building shown in the picture below.

    A Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 10 collectible

    Once inside the rats will not bother you. Make your way upstairs where you will find a treasure chest with valuable items inside.

    A Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 10 collectible

    Tool #3

    Continuing from the seventh collectible make your way to the inner courtyard. Grab a stick and light it with fire to create a light source and keep the rats away from you. Outside the inner courtyard, there is a chest in which you will find the eighth collectible.

    Knife #3

    The last collectible is in the area where you get the cutscene after milo dies. Run to the right of the guards and find the knife placed on a crate.

    That is all Chapter 10 collectibles of A Plague Tale Requiem. Hopefully, this guide helped you with easily finding and collecting them all. Check out A Plague Tale: Requiem guides for more help along the way.

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