Guide on how to fix Icarus low FPS issue

    Developed by RocketWertz and created by Dean Hall, Icarus is a survival session-based video game. The game is available for Windows on the Steam platform. It has a multiplayer mode. In this guide, we will tell you how to fix the low FPS issue of Icarus.

    Release Date: December 4, 2021.

    Most of the gameplay of the game occurs during timed missions. Players acknowledge contracts for missions on a space station circling the planet and drop down to its landscape to endeavour the goals. When a mission clock is finished, the drop-case gets back to the station. In case the player neglects to return on schedule, their person’s body is left on a superficial level and their advancement is lost.

    1) Close other programs

    Close other programs especially CPU and RAM heavy programs like web browsers.

    2) Go to Task Manager and give ICARUS full priorty

    • Run ICARUS.
    • Open Task Manager.
    • Switch to the “Details Tab”.
    • Right click “ICARUS” on the list.
    • Select “Set priorty”.
    • Lastly, click on “High”

    3) Use FullScreen Mode

    For maximum performance, you should select fullscreen mode. When the game runs in this mode, it has full control over the screen’s output.

    4) Get rid of junk files

    Clear temporary files from your PC. These files do not do anything, they just take up a lot of space and slow down your PC.

    • Press Windows + Run to open the Run box > Type “Prefetch” > Remove all junk
    • Press Windows + Run > Type “%temp%” > Remove all junk
    • Run the disk cleanup

    5) Update your Graphics Card Drivers

    Your graphics card is the highlight of your gaming experience, however, you can’t release its actual performance without the right graphics driver. Refreshing your graphics card driver can be a tremendous FPS booster.

    This is all on how to fix the Icarus low FPS issue. For more guides and interesting content like this keep following Retrology!

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    Amel Aamer
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