Guide: Lost Ark Portal Stones locations and how to farm

    Lost Ark has been one of the most loved games by players because of its gameplay and storyline. This multiplayer game was the second most played game on Steam just within 24 hours of its release. Co-developed by two amazing studios Tripod and Smilegate RPG, the game is truly unique and interactive. Published by Amazon Games in North America, South America, and Europe the game was released on 11th February 2022. Previously we have also covered everything you need to know about Alakkir so be sure to check that out. In this guide, we will help you with Lost Ark Portal Stones locations.

    What are Portal Stones?

    Portal Stones are very important collectibles that players of Lost Ark should collect to complete the Adventurer’s Tome for Rethramis. Even though these have become ordinary rocks now and were used to summon Pokan the Tyrant, they are still quite rare. Players can earn valuable rewards like Gustaven’s Holy Water or the Prideholme Neria Card.

    How can Western Players obtain Portal Stones?

    When the game was first released in South Korea things are a bit different for the Western and Korean players. Western players can get one or more Portal Stones along the journey through Rethramis while completing side quests and hunting monsters.

    Portal Stones and Rethramis Collectibles do not have a fixed drop rate from a specific monster. They can be obtained randomly from enemies throughout the continent from Moss Wolves to Raider Leaders. Moreover, the players obtaining these Portal Stones from mini-bosses, World Boss or regular mobs rely on RNG.

    Farming enemies within the area of Loghill does not guarantee that you will have more chances to find the drop here. Focusing on farming a zone where enemies with loot drops originate is a good strategy. Lower zones of Loghill are included in such locations.

    Note: If Western players are still unable to find Portal Stones they should farm in other areas, dungeons, or bosses for expanding their RNG drops.

    How to Buy Portal Stones in Lost Ark

    Players can also purchase Portal Stones from other players through the Auction House. Depending on the player’s server the price can range. The quickest way to make content is within the endgame content. Players can also opt for high-difficulty instances to get valuable gear. They can exchange these items for gold with other players.

    Choosing the best PvE class can be helpful if players want to grind enemy drops as their main means of getting Portal Stones.

    This is all the Lost Ark Portal Stones locations. We cover a lot of guides and exciting gaming content so check that out. To stay updated with the latest content related to gaming keep following Retrology.

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