Guide: How to get the Poncho in Stray

    Stray is a 2022 adventure game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, recently released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. It has been embraced with some very positive reviews by gamers.

    The game follows the venturous journey of a stray cat who finds herself stranded in a world populated by robots, machines, and ominous viruses. 

    How to get Poncho in Stray

    With a partner drone named B-12 by its side, the pair will navigate their way back home as you keep up with the struggles of a lonely cat in the nightlife of neon lights!

    Stray how to get Poncho

    To make any progress in Stray, you have to keep completing little tasks and missions. Find the codes to open doors and safes, here

    One of the tasks you will be dealing with will be to help the robot Elliot fix the broken tracker for you. However, there’s a catch; Elliot will only help you fix the tracker if you bring him a Poncho first as he is too freezing to work. (A robot, yes!) 

    To help you navigate through the steps, we have a complete easy to follow guide on Stray on how to get the poncho:

    Make a mess in front of the Super Spirit Laundry

    You need an Electric Cable for the poncho, for which you will have to get a Super Spirit Detergent as payment. Getting into the laundromat is hard as the owner won’t let you in. Create some chaos first so he opens the door. 

    After scratching the shop door in vain, go to the roof, where you will see two robots throwing buckets of paint back and forth.

    You can stand next to the robot Vapora and use the action button to start a small event. 

    Stray how to get Poncho
    Making a mess

    Meow at the right moment to startle Vapora, and he will drop a bucket of paint right in front of the laundromat’s door. This will make the owner storm out in fury, leaving the door open for you.

    Get the Detergent

    Once you are actually in the laundromat, you will find the detergent on the table directly to the left of the door. Collect it. 

    Stray how to get Poncho
    Get detergent

    Buy the Electric Cable and bring it to Grandma

    Now that you have the detergent, go to the merchant i.e Azooz, who you will find to the right of the main square. He will offer you some items for sale and an electric cable. You can now trade the detergent for the cable. Then look for Grandma, who has set up her small camp a few corridors further.

    Get electric cable

    Find the Poncho and get it to Elliot

    Once you have found Grandma, you can give her the cable and she will knit you a warm poncho for Elliot with it. Then to find Elliot, enter the slums for the second time as part of Stray’s story. You will soon find yourself at Seamus’ father Doc’s laboratory. There you will discover the broken tracker.

    Give poncho to Elliot

    Go to Elliot’s house, which is on the first floor near Grandma’s Place. It is the one with the red door.

    Elliot’s house

    Once you give Elliot the Poncho, he will repair the tracker for you. You can then bring the tracker to Seamus so that he opens the gate for you. Then you can progress further in the story and find an additional memory for B-12.

    We hope this guide helped you out in getting the Stray in Poncho. For more helpful guides keep an eye on our gaming tab and our website Retrology if you want additional information on the game Stray.

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