TechGuide: How to Enable or Disable Auto HDR on Windows 11

    Guide: How to Enable or Disable Auto HDR on Windows 11

    As compared to Windows 11, Windows 10 had limited HDR settings with limited capabilities. But as Auto HDR was introduced in Windows 11 it became easy for users to extract the full potential of their displays. Windows 11 comes with a built-in Auto HDR.

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) is an imaging process that enhances the lighting and color of your screen. It has different parameters as well. Auto mode is quite helpful in a way that you don’t have to turn off or on the HDR settings every time you play a game. HDR has a broader range of colors and details between white and black.

    Auto HDR is considered a vast improvement from SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) which is only proficient in showing details either in a dark part or the light part of the scene but not in both at the same time.

    The following methods have been shared below to help you enable or disable Auto HDR on games on Windows 11. Both via the Xbox Game bar and via the settings menu have been given below.

    Via Settings Menu

    • Bring up the start menu by pressing the Windows Start key on the keyboard.
    • Inside the Start menu, you have to click on Settings option.
    • Once you’re inside the Settings screen, click on System from the side menu on the left.
    • Now click on Display from the menu on the right.
    • Inside the Display menu, find the option named HDR and click on it.
    • Expand Display Capabilities and turn on the Play streaming HDR video and the Use HDR options
    • Lastly, at the bottom, click Auto HDR toggle button and turn it On if you want to enable or Off if you want to disable the option.

    Via Xbox Game Bar

    • First, you have to press the Windows key + G to open up the Xbox Game bar.
    • Now click on the gear icon from the right-hand side of the bar. 
    • Next click on Gaming Features from the vertical menu on the left.
    • Then go over to the right menu and check the box associated with Use Auto HDR with supported games if you want to Enable or uncheck if you want to Disable Auto HDR.

    We hope this will help in enabling Auto HDR on Windows 11. For more guides and tips, keep following Retrology.

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