GamingRole-PlayingGuide: Gargolda Location in Monster Hunster Rise: Sunbreak

    Guide: Gargolda Location in Monster Hunster Rise: Sunbreak

    The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak addition offers a lot to offer, with many new additions to the game ranging from new items to equip and use to loads of new Endemic Life distributed over the game’s many distinct locations. Sunbreak has nine new Endemic Life, each of which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and species. Here we will learn about Gargolda Location in Sunbreak and how to save the experience:

    What is a Gargolda?

    A rare bird wyvern that lives in the Citadel highlands. It lives in the highlands away from humans with just itself. When it descends to the Citadel, the monster remains as still as a stone. Though its wings seem black when folded, when unfolded, they show a stunning gold design. 

    Go High from the Location 4

    To reach the Gargolda, you need to move towards the end of the map from point 4. You would see many cliffs at that point toward the locations marked on the map. Climb these cliffs up and after a few landings, you will see a larger lain space near the top. Stay here as this is the place where Gargolda will appear.

    Gargolda Location sunbreak: The citadel map near point 4
    Gargolda Location sunbreak: The citadel map near point 4

    There are a few things you need to consider before going out on the hint for this Endemic life:

    • Gargolda can only be seen during the time when the sun is starting to fade; the time between noon and evening. This information is being told so you can make sure to start your journey at noon or time it perfectly so that you can actually see the creature.
    • This endemic life is not easy to find and can take you a few tries before you are able to locate them. Many people have to go several times before they get to see it. So make sure to visit it 2 -3 times if you don’t find it on your first try.

    Take a photo to save this experience!

    With this new expansion, the camera use and its functions were also improved. This plays a role in saving the experience of finding an Endemic Life location, Gargolda Location in Sunbreak in this case. To capture this moment, just open up your camera, and make sure Gargolda is in the frame to click a picture.

    You may also see an achievement tab of “Endemic life list updated” as soon as you take the picture, solidifying that you have now seen it.

    A picture of Gargolda
    A picture of Gargolda

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