Guide for Giant Crusher in Elden Ring

    In Elden Ring, the Giant Crusher is a Colossal Weapon. The Giant Crusher is a heavy weapon that scales primarily with Strength. It is effective at doing significant physical damage, but it also needs a lot of strength to use. In this guide, we will tell you all there is to know about Giant Crusher in Elden Ring.

    The Giant Crusher is a Colossal Weapon in Elden Ring. It is regarded as one of the heaviest weapons in the Lands Between and has the highest Strength stat requirement. Furthermore, because of the massive hammer’s weight, Tarnished warriors will need enough room in their Equip Load. The Giant Crusher deals striking damage and can be enhanced with any acceptable weapon art the player chooses. Additionally, it comes with damage-reducing.

    Giant Crusher Location

    Giant Crusher Elden Ring
    Giant Crusher Location in Elden Ring

    The Giant Crusher weapon is located at the following spot:
    In a chest in the back of a carriage. Directly south of the Phantom Tree site of grace on the outside wall.

    Giant Crusher Perks


    The weapon’s skill is Endurance


    Ashes of War can be infused with Giant Crusher.


    Smithing Stones can be used to enhance Giant Crusher.


    Giant Crusher possesses a distinctive R2 attack that may be used with both hands. This attack covers a lot of ground by spinning into a forward somersault while using the weight of the hammer head as propulsion. Smaller foes will be squashed by charging the assault.

    R2s with this weapon deliver less poise damage than would be expected for a weapon of its size. This is most likely because of its special R2 attack (particularly, the fact that it knocks down foes).


    Using a +15 Giant Crusher against the Godskin Noble in Volcano Manor. No amount of jumping R2s could make the player slouch. Despite being more than enough when using a similarly leveled Great Hammer). Instead, although doing less damage,  jumping and normal R1s appeared to be more efficient at disrupting posture.

    Repeated R1 assaults are preferable to the more common tactic of jumping/charged R2s. If you’re aiming to guard break an enemy.

    This is not a concern against most smaller enemies. They will frequently be destroyed in a single blow due to the weapon’s tremendous power.


    Giant Crusher’s AR is 895 at +25 with the Heavy upgrade and its Strength stat requirement is 60. (dual-handed).

    It has the greatest AR in the game with a Sell value of 100 Runes.

    It has a +25 Heavy affinity.

    With its high physical guard damage negation and guard enhancement, it excels at blocking in confined spaces.

    This was all about the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring. There are numerous other tips and tricks, weapon and map locations, and more on our Elden Ring guides at Retrology.

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