GamingHorrorGuide for all paint can locations - Choo Choo Charles

    Guide for all paint can locations – Choo Choo Charles

    Choo Choo Charles is a 2022 indie horror game created and released by Two Star Games. The player takes control of a railway conductor whose mission is to improve their train’s defenses to combat and kill the eponymous figure, Charles. Aside from the main plot, there are several treasures available, one of which is the Paint cans. There are a total of 11 paint can locations in Choo Choo Charles and this guide will help you find each of them with pictures.

    Map Locations – 1 to 5

    This is the lower part of the map of Choo Choo Charles. There are five locations shown on this map and their details are given below.


    Orange Paint Can

    Look in the same area where you found the Bug Spray, flamethrower weapon. After obtaining the gun, return to the previously burned-out structure and locate this paint can inside.


    Green Paint Can

    Based on the plot, you need to visit the mine. When you reach the mine, stick to the left wall to find a path with a box carrying a paint can.


    Purple Paint Can

    Look around the area located on the map. There, search for a yellow tent with a few boxes around it. The purple paint would be on one side of this tent.


    Grey Paint Can - Choo Choo Charles Paint Can

    The grey paint container is inside a shanty near the pier. It’s easy to overlook because the real colour of the paint mixes in with the huts surrounding it.


    White Paint Can - Choo Choo Charles Paint Can

    The white paint can is on the second level of the decommissioned train station. You must proceed beyond the NPC and to the balcony area to search behind a box.

    Map Locations – 6 to 11

    This image shows the upper part of the Choo Choo Charles map and Paint Can locations ranging from 6 to 11.

    Lime Green

    Lime Green Paint Can

    Look for a tiny structure in the area depicted on the map. You must climb it from the outside and then fall into the designated room. It is also visible from the outside sitting on a table in the corner of the room.


    Pink Paint Can

    Go to the tower location on the area pointed out by the map. This is like a watchtower. Keep going up until you reach the top, and there you’ll find the chest.


    Red Paint Can - Choo Choo Charles Paint Can

    This can be found within a tunnel at the location given on the map. There is a locked chest just before leaving the basement site via the elevator. You will need a lockpick to access the box, so take the paint can and flee as fast as possible through the elevator.


    Blue Paint Can

    This may be discovered in the northern underworld in a locked chest. After entering the subterranean, exit the Railtrack and turn left twice more to reach the area with the treasure chest. Open to lock to get the paint can.


    Cyan Paint Can

    Go to the far north end of the map and look for a deck. You’ll be able to spot the can on the deck easily from afar. If you can’t, keep going straight on the deck and then turn left and you’ll see the pain can there on the turn.


    Black Paint Can - Choo Choo Charles Paint Can

    Look inside the abandoned church by locating it on the map. Here check the benches and you’ll find the can on the first bench on your right.

    Once you get all the Paint cans, you’ll be notified of the Dripped Out achievement. Hopefully, this guide helped you get that. For more similar guides, check out the guides and gaming section here.

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