Guide: Escape Academy Prologue Solution

    Escape Academy is an escape stimulator game. This game starts with the player’s arrival at Escape Academy, a school where talented students learn how to become the perfect Escape Room Master. You can play through more than a dozen expertly handcrafted rooms created by skilled specialists featuring daily life clues and problems.

    Before you can select stages, you are first introduced to the prologue which is like a test before letting you in the academy. If you are having trouble completing it, here is a detailed description of how to pass.

    Room # 1

    • This is the room you start the Escape Academy Prologue with. Go straight to the wall clock on the right side of pink box.
    The clock is a clue.
    The clock is a clue.
    • The time would be 12:30. This is your clue. Put in 1230 in the purple lock on the pink chest present in the middle of the room.
    Pink box in which you will find blue goblet and guide
    • You will find a blue goblet in here along with a piece of paper. This paper is your next clue. You will notice, there is a goblet on it with 3 colours present below it. These colours are different colour goblets you need to solve the puzzle.
    • Next, go around the room and find the red and yellow goblets.
      • Red goblet will be found on the left side of escape door by the fan.
      • Yellow goblet will be in the trash can in front of the escape door.
    Places of both goblets
    • Retrieve both goblets and now look at the clue. The clue will have colour in this order, blue, yellow, red, red. The letters on the goblets would be arranged this way spelling out as FREE.
    • Put this code in the safe sitting on your left side.
    Escape Academy Prologue Solution room # 2
    Escape Academy Prologue Solution room # 2
    • Inside this safe, you will find a key. Take this key to the Escape door and you have successfully passed through the first room.

    Room # 2

    • As you enter, you will see five hooks with shirts on your right. Turn towards it and take into account the arrows starting from left to right.
    Shirts as a clue with arrows
    • Enter this combination on the remote on your left, stationed in from of the tv. Three words will be shown on the screen but it won’t make sense to you yet.
    • Gather up the papers pieces with the letters “JEB,” “ALLIE,” and “EEL” written on them.
    • Now, use the poster in the side room to translate the phrases on the tv to figure out what order to arrange the papers in. The correct order is JEB, “ALLIE,” and then “EEL”.
    • Each letter points to another letter, forming a new letter combination:
      • WRO translates to JEB
      • NVYYR translates to ALLIE
      • RRY translates to EEL
    Escape Academy Prologue Solution of letters
    Escape Academy Prologue Solution of letters
    • Add the three pieces in order given above and this will activate the fish symbol latch.
    • The fish latch will open present on top of these scanners. Behind it, you will find the escape key.
    Escape Academy Prologue Solution room # 2
    Escape Academy Prologue Solution room # 2
    • Escape through the toilet door by using the key you got. From there go to the far right stall which states “Out of Order”.
    • The door will open to stairs going down. Go out from there and you will meet other people signaling the stage is complete. Lastly, sit in the bus and end the chapter.

    Hopefully, this Escape Academy Prologue Solution helped you go though this stage easily enough. For more solutions, jump on these articles.

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