GamingRoguelikeGuide: Cult of the Lamb all Weapons Explained

    Guide: Cult of the Lamb all Weapons Explained

    Released on the 11th of August 2022, Cult of the Lamb has been finally made available on Steam for you to purchase. The game is totally packed with resources quests, rogue-lit scenes, incredible gameplay, and deadly weapons. Talking about weapons, in this Cult of the Lamb weapons guide, we will be discussing each one of those deadly weapons.

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    That said, now without any further ado, let’s jump right into those lethal weapons.

    Cult of the Lamb Weapons Guide

    There is quite a variety of weapons in Cult of the lamb but what’s sad is that you cannot choose a certain weapon each time you embark on a crusade in the Heretic-held lands. However, you can raise the chance of getting stronger weapons by unlocking new skills from the Fatih tree, which is only accessible if you arrange sermons for your cult.

    Cult of the Lamb weapons guide
    Cult of the Lamb weapons

    Additionally, each weapon also possesses one of a number of distinct characteristics that give them unique abilities which we will be discussing later.

    Since you cannot choose a weapon while going on a run, make sure that you get the best out of the random weapon given to you, or maybe start a new run until you find the right weapon for yourself. Nevertheless, the chances of getting a stronger weapon can be increased as discussed earlier. Here is a list of all the weapons you can get your hand on in Cult of the Lamb:

    Bane Weapons

    Bane weapons give you a chance of poisoning your enemies once you hit them, this poison will now keep on damaging them until they meet death. Here is a list of all Bane Weapons:

    • Bane Axe
    • Bane Dagger
    • Bane Gauntlet
    • Bane Hammer
    • Bane Sword

    Vampiric Weapons

    While using Vampiric weapons and after killing enemies, you might have a chance of getting healed from any damage you would have taken. Do keep in mind that this only heals the red hearts.

    • Vampiric Axe
    • Vampiric Dagger
    • Vampiric Gauntlet
    • Vampiric Hammer
    • Vampiric Sword

    Necromantic Weapons

    If you make a kill with any of the Necromantic weapons, a ghostly projectile will release from dead enemies and they will fall nowhere else but on your enemy delivering a reasonable amount of damage.

    1. Necromantic Axe
    2. Necromantic Dagger
    3. Necromantic Gauntlet
    4. Necromantic Hammer
    5. Necromantic Sword

    Zealous Weapons

    These weapons will allow you to receive Devotion with every Fervour that you pick.

    • Zealous Axe
    • Zealous Dagger
    • Zealous Gauntlet
    • Zealous Hammer
    • Zealous Sword

    Merciless Weapons

    Any player who values damage and critical hit over everything else will definitely go for Merciless Weapons. While using these weapons, you have a chance of delivering a critical hit on every single strike.

    • Merciless Axe
    • Merciless Dagger
    • Merciless Gauntlet
    • Merciless Hammer
    • Merciless Sword

    God Weapons

    Another category of weapons for the aggressive players is God weapons. These will allow you to deliver double the damage if you strike a melee attack.

    • Godly Axe
    • Godly Dagger
    • Godly Gauntlet
    • Godly Hammer
    • Godly Sword

    Other Weapons

    • Apostate’s Cleaver – Delivers enormous damage
    • Traitor’s Razor – low damage but lightning quick, intended to deliver numerous cuts in one go
    • Tempest’s Gauntlets – Deadly spiked gloves. Weak in the beginning, but devastating on a complete combo.
    • Warmaker’s Hammer – Slow in falling, yet calamitous upon landing.
    • Crusader’s Blade – A balanced and dependable sword that deals medium damage

    Primary Groups Explained

    Cult of the Lamb Crusade


    Daggers deliver less damage than other weapons, however, they are very high-paced and ensure that the enemy won’t get breathing room and will keep on getting damage. If you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on them the Bane Dagger and Merciless Dagger are the best options to go for.

    Gauntlets and Swords

    Gauntlets and Swords are well-balanced and dependable weapons. They are not as quick as Daggers but they deliver more damage making them totally worth the use. The merciless, vampire, and necromancer types are a safe bet.

    Axes and Hammers

    Axes and Hammers are heavy weapons that deliver enormous damage and since they can even kill enemies in one single hit there is a high chance of getting death-triggered abilities. If you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on Vampiric and Necromantic varieties, they are definitely the best options to go for.

    That takes us to the end of the Cult of the Lamb weapons guide. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these weapons is your favourite while crusading and why. To know about Cult of the Lamb Hearts Guide(Healing) or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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