Grounded: Strange Signal Quest Guide

    Grounded is here with a new survival game filled with adventures. It is filled with quests and missions. Here, I will guide you through one of those quests named The Strange Signal Quest. Let’s begin the Grounded Strange Signal Quest guide with all the details that will help you go through this quest smoothly.

    It surely wouldn’t be fun if you’re repetitively interrupted by technical issues while playing Grounded. Here are some of the guides that will help you solve some of its technical issues. And also provide you the potential save and config file locations of Grounded.

    Grounded is a multiplayer survival game where you as a player shrink to the size of an ant. Yes, you are shrunk and surrounded by insects and other bugs. This is about your efforts to survive. The answers to all of your FAQs are hidden inside the game. The mission to reveal the hidden truth and challenges that you face to survive is a part of your daily routine here.

    It’s your call – solo or in a pack. But one thing is for sure you aren’t safe anywhere. You can make new friends, craft new armor, get more weapons, and even customize your character. It’s a lot more fun than its sounds. Let’s begin with the quest.

    Grounded: Strange Signal

    Grounded: Strange Signal
    Grounded: Strange Signal

    The gameplay of the Grounded is designed to be in the Backyard. That is the reason you’re surrounded by insects. Strange Signal is a quest that you will encounter at the beginning of the game. The objective of this quest is to teach players like you to use the Field Station. Field stations are allocated in the Backyard.

    Strange Signal quest is one of the Story quests of the game. It is like the baby steps of the quests in the game. So, consider it as basics. The quest begins when your tracking bracelet detects a strange signal. And it’s coming from the Backyard.

    Get into the field and check if everything is normal. Though the signal is very feeble to understand. But you continue to consider it as it can be any helpful information for your situation. Now, you move into the Backyard to investigate it.

    How to complete the Strange Signal Quest in Grounded

    Keep moving your signal. The screen will keep you updated with the distance between you and the source of the signal. As you move closer, you will get an alert. The alert is about the Field Station. A nearby Field Station has the source of the signal.

    Enter the tiny field station. The field station has many little objects and instruments inside it. As you get closer to any of those objects, a small prompt message will appear. This message will inform you about the object you are close to.

    You will soon interact with Resouce Analyzer. This instrument will b placed on the very right side of the table inside the Field Station. You have to use it to complete the Strange Signal Quest. For this, you can exit the station, and pick up any object from the Backyard.

    Analysis Report of any object
    Analysis Report of any object

    Interact it with the Resource Analyzer. Press Space to begin the analysis. It will take a couple of seconds. And the analysis report will be there on the screen for you to know all the details about the object. You can have 3 chances to use Resource Analyzer as it has only 3 charges for it.

    In the end, you have done a great job and for more, keep exploring the Backyard.

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