Grounded: Ant Eggs | Where to find them and how to use them

    Grounded is the next-level adventure game for you to enjoy as your miniature version. In the backyard, many chests, challenges, and treasures are waiting for you. There are treasures that will help you in many ways. Such as Ant Eggs. For better progress, I will guide you thoroughly about Grounded Ant Eggs. And for more Grounded guides you might like to check.

    Grounded: Ant Eggs

    Grounded: Ant Eggs
    Grounded: Ant Eggs

    Ants are cute tiny critters in Grounded. They are curious in nature but can be very deadly when annoyed. They can be a fatal danger when gathering in large numbers as their eyes turn red. It’s better not to provoke them as they wouldn’t be good to you when their mode is ruined. But their red eggs can be very useful. As they can unlock hidden areas and boost your progress in-game.

    Ant Eggs are mostly found in their underground homes or lairs. But there are specific areas to find them, how to retrieve them and how useful they can be. Better get to these details.

    Where to Look for Ant Eggs

    Where to Look for Ant Eggs
    Where to Look for Ant Eggs

    In the backyard, there is plenty of areas where you can find ants home. Such as hill tunnels and entrances of ants. Another easy spot is Oak Tree. There is a small opening close to the tree. And also another one opens directly in the Oak Lab through the broken window. It’s the same location you meet the BURG. L and get the milk molar. But the ideal location to retrieve the ant eggs is the anthill in the dry grass patch. You will see it in the west of the Mysterious Machine. But it’s will be heavily guarded.

    You need to enter the area and make your way through many tunnels like a maze. Once you need to spot the Red Ant Worker that will be gathering the eggs. You can see them grouped in a red moss tunnel area. And you can get hands-on with many other resources throughout your way. Such as Rotten Bee Armour, marble quartzite, and milk molars.

    How to get Ant Eggs

    Let’s begin with the easiest one. With the least effort, you just need to get the entire Red Ant Armor set. This way will trick the ants and even the red ones that you’re one of their kind. And in case you’re caught red-handed when stealing ant eggs, you can just run. If there isn’t anyone to see you then it’s a perfect crime. For armor, you need mite fuzz, red ant parts, and acid glands. Yes! You need to kill red ants for armor.

    There are other ways but not so easy. Let’s move to them.

    Confront Red Ants

    If you don’t have the armor, then at least get some healing recipes ready. Like bandages and Smoothies. Red Ants only attack players on-site while guarding the eggs. And can be extremely fatal if they gather up in a large group. So, it is best to corner them before the attack. You can also use heavy-duty arms like the Red Ant Club.

    You can also use other tools like bows and arrows. You can use it to stab or kill all the ants. If none of your plans works, then there’s only one way. Grab the eggs and run like a cheetah. 

    Craft a Torch

    In underground tunnels, you wouldn’t be able to see anything without a torch. You can craft a Torch and search the tunnels. With 2 sprigs, 1 sap, 2 strands of crude rope, and 3 dry grass chunks, you can get a working torch. You can also hot equip the torch and use the weapon in your hand. In long run, it’s can be useful.

    How are Ant Eggs Useful?

    Before you use the eggs, check the worn-out date. A timer will show the time left for them to hatch. They can be very useful especially for making explosives. You can get weapons like Bratburst and Splatburst.

    For Bratburst, you need 1 red ant egg, 4 chunks of dry grass, and 2 fungal growths. These ingredients are easily accessible. And these heavy-duty arms will help you remove obstacles and block stuff from your way. Like blocked entrance or secret blockage.

    In the end, you have all the facts about Grounded Ant Eggs. All your queries are answered so go ahead and get to the treasure hunt.

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