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    Gotham Knights Shinobi Suit Guide

    Gotham Knights features several suits for the four knights and one of them is the Shinobi suit. The Shinobi suit style draws its inspiration from traditional Japanese samurai armor while incorporating contemporary design elements to fit the mood of each character. The Shinobi suit style is unlocked close to the game’s conclusion, and you’ll likely have their blueprints in your inventory then or later. Let’s look at the ways you can find the blueprint for Gotham Knights Shinobi Suit and an alternate option for the basic one too.

    Basic Criminal Activity

    Progress through the story until you reach the point where you engage in battle with the League of Shadows. They should then begin to spawn on a map after that. Open your map, look to the right, hover over each location, and look for the League of Shadow icon, which indicates that they are present there.

    If you’re unsure of the icon’s appearance, you can open the d-pad and it will explain each icon’s function. Therefore, if you’re looking for criminal activity, start with the white triangle upside down which is the icon for basic crimes.

    If you go to these spots and Man-Bat comes there, your task is to eliminate all the opponents including the Man-Bat. This is not a necessity for the task but important for the shinobi suit. That is because there is a chance that one of these opponents will drop the blueprint for the suit. You can use this blueprint to make the Gotham Knights Shinobi Suit for yourself.

    The only drawback to that is that RNG requires a little bit of luck. This makes it difficult for you to get the suit at the start for some players. If it works for you, good. If it doesn’t, look at the second option.

    Red Criminal Activity

    Locate a red outline inverted triangle on the map. This is the red criminal activity by the League of Shadows. When you locate one that belongs to the League of Shadows, check your reward to verify if the blueprint is present.

    When I finished the exercise, that was the simplest approach for me to obtain it, and for my activity. Once you get the blueprint, all you need to do is create it to unlock it for all of your characters. This is probably the easiest way to obtain it through one of the red criminal tasks.

    This is an alternative way but much faster than the first option. The chances of succeeding in this scenario are because you can see the rewards beforehand and determine if you’ll get the blueprint or not.

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