Gotham Knights Owl Shadow Puzzle – Complete Solution

    In Gotham Knights, there are several puzzles you will solve while investigating the Court of Owls puzzle. There will be some tricky puzzles waiting for you to be solved. Whereas, the Owl Shadow puzzle is a great example for you to start from as an amateur. Here is what you need to do for Gotham Knights Owl Shadow Puzzle. With the best guidance, you will surely solve the puzzle.

    Gotham Knights: Owl Shadow Puzzle

    Gotham Knights is a group of antagonists against criminals and thugs. But also the mysterious underworld gangs like the Court of Owls. This gang wants Gotham to bow before them to seek benefits for themselves. Batman was working to uncover their secrets before his death.

    Owl Shadow Puzzle is a mapping puzzle where you have to work with mechanisms in such a way that a shadow of an owl is cast on a wall. You have to maneuver them to put the casting items in such a way that an owl shadow is shown on the wall. Whereas, which direction to face isn’t clear yet.

    How to solve Owl Shadow Puzzle in Gotham Knights 

    The Court of Owls is located beneath the Powers Club. A sophisticated white-collar club for high society and influential people. Indeed, the roots of the Court of Owls lay there.

    Getting inside isn’t easy as they have multiple security checks with hidden backdoors. To undercover the Court’s hideout, players will see a large wall with mural paintings on it. There is no way to go further. There is a spotlight and strange mechanisms to use. Let’s start with the guidelines to solve the Owl Shadow puzzle.

    Activate the spotlight 

    Players will activate the spotlight. Its light will reflect on the mural wall. The mechanism is between the spotlight and the mural wall. Here is where you will see the reflection on the wall.

    Adjust the mechanism 

    This is the main part of the puzzle. There are four sections of this mechanism. You can adjust all of them separately. This puzzle will push the way to the hideout of the Court of Owls. 

    Here are the instructions to solve the puzzle properly 

    • It’s best to face the owl towards the right. You can adjust the mechanism using the gears attached to each one of them. It will be more helpful if you use an AR view.
    • Begin with the mechanism that is closest to the spotlight. Using the gears, adjust the mechanism to rotate. Keep adjusting them until a glowing line can pass through the gear attached to them. This is the indication that your machine is correct. 
    • Maneuver the other three mechanisms to get the proper shadow of the owl on the mural wall.

    Cast the Owl Shadow on the wall

    Once the shadow of the owl is set on the wall, the door to the hideout of the Court of Owls will open.

    In the end, the Gotham Knights Owl Shadow Puzzle solution is the best way to get to the hideout. And check the other Gotham Knights guides of Retrology for better references.

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