GamingRole-PlayingGotham Knights Early Release - Everything you need to know about it

    Gotham Knights Early Release – Everything you need to know about it

    Gotham Knights, an open-world RPG set in the Batman universe, will be released a little sooner than expected. The game was supposed to be launched on October 25th, but it will instead be released on October 21st. According to a clip shown at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live show which has confirmed the Gotham knights early release.

    Unfortunately, there will be no demo or open beta to try before Gotham Knights’ October release. If you want to play Gotham Knights right now, go ahead and preorder the game so you don’t miss out. Also, Gotham knights early release is not part of any early access pre-order offer or anything; the game is simply being released four days early.

    New Trailer, New Villains

    The release date of Gotham Knights has been pushed back by four days. Instead of being released on October 25, it will now be available four days earlier. The new trailer revealed by the game YouTube channel, the latest Batman universe action-adventure game, has some famous villains make a cameo appearance in this new video.

    The video, in which we saw villains, had Clayface and Harley Quinn, a new addition to the game. Both of these will be joining Mr. Freeze, Penguin, and Court of Owls, who were previously revealed. Joker has not made an appearance yet but depending on how popular he is, it’s no surprise if he shows up too.

    Playable Characters and Story

    In Gotham Knights, you’ll take on the roles of Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood to defend Gotham City from a slew of iconic Batman villains. Five of those have been revealed above so let’s see if any more will join them.

    The game will allow players to play solo as well as an alternative two-person co-op mode with the second player dropping in and out at will. The Belfry will serve as the hub of operations for Gotham’s protectors, where they will communicate and plot their attacks. Players can switch between characters, manage their growth, and proceed to the next quest when they are ready.

    We’ve also covered information about Gotham Knight Batgirl so if interested, do click here and check the information about it too.

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