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    God of War Ragnarök Purified Crystalline Location

    God of War Ragnarök has a lot of data, which means there are twice as many items, awards, challenges, and puzzles. The Purified Crystalline is one of them, and it is one of the most valuable resources in the game. There isn’t much to know about them other than learning what their purpose is and where to find them. In this article, we’ll simply explain how to obtain Purified Crystalline in God of War Ragnarök.

    Finding Purified Crystalline

    While other types of resources can be found in the wild once unlocked, Purified Crystalline can only be found in the Wishing Well. You must first gather the “unpurified” crystalline by gathering Crystalline Shards and Crystalline Fragments.

    The crystalline shards can be found all over the map in-game. There is no exact location of where to find them so just keep an eye out for them and pick them up as soon as you come across them.

    Take Purified Crystalline to Wishing Well

    After collecting all the crystals, you now need to purify them into Purified Crystalline. Here’s how you can purify these crystals. This applies to all of the crystals you’ve collected throughout the plot and side quests.

    Location of wishing well
    Location of wishing well

    You will come upon a cave that you must climb up using the chain. These chains will lead you to the cave, but you must first unlock them by completing the Scent of Survival Quest. They will not appear otherwise.

    Then, find the wishing well, which is located in Vanaheim. The wishing well is a magical place in Vanaheim’s depths. It can be a long journey, but you must take a long way across the Sinkholes portion of the map. It is recommended that you use a gateway portal near the frozen lightning bolt to make things easier.

    Purify the Crystals

    The wishing well where you purify the Crystals
    The wishing well where you purify the Crystals

    By using a wishing well you can purify your crystals. Make certain that the crystals are extracted from the orange bits. Collect as much as you can in the game to earn a lot of Purified Crystal.

    So, when you arrive at the wishing well, you will begin to throw crystals into the water based on your inventory. Not only will it drop the refined crystals, but it will also equip you with the Palckart armor, which is one of the best armors in God of War Ragnarok. It will lessen the amount of damage dealt by runic attacks.

    List of Rewards

    Because all crystals are instantly turned into prizes, determining the amounts needed for each item, as well as the ratios, is challenging. You can, however, keep bringing the crystals again so that you can obtain extra benefits later on. It is the primary source of advanced resources and money, as well as the means of improving your equipment. Here is the list of rewards you can get from using it in exchange for crystals:

    • Asgardian ingots
    • Luminous alloy
    • Petrified bones
    • Purified crystals
    • Brilliant crystals
    • Sparkling crystals
    • Yggdrasil Amulet Enchantments
    • Fallen Stars Armor Set
    • Money

    That’s all about Purified Crystalline in God of War Ragnarök that you’ll need to know. Visit the guides section for more game related guides.

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