Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Memories of Your Father Locations

    Iki Island expansion for Ghost of Tsushima is finally here. It brings in exciting collectibles like memories, sanctuaries, and forgotten shrines. Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island builds further upon the hero’s story and bond with his father. It has a total of five memories of the father. To get the trophy elegy for Kazumasa you have to find all the memories of your father’s locations. Although, all the memories of your father are easily achievable so don’t stress out about missing any of them.

    As you continue collecting these memories, it will show you flashbacks from the time when Jin Sakai was a simple boy and under the wing of his father he was fighting the war on Iki Island. After interrelating with the Memory, you will play as young Jin through different sequences. There is one thing that you need to remember the last memory, An Unfinished Song, only cracks after you have seen all the other memories.

    This guide will show you all the locations. So let’s begin with it.

    Memory of Sorrow

    It is located north of the Thunderhead Cliffs. In this memory, you have to go downhill to the campfire where the soldiers sit to grab some sake and go back to your father.

    Memory of Foreboding

    This memory is positioned in the northeast section of the map. In this memory you need to follow the soldier to pick up your armor, and then track him to your father who’s giving a speech.

    Memory of Anguish

    The memory of Anguish is located between the Kemono trail and the Kidafure battleground. In this you’ll simply have to follow a man to your father.

    Memory of Kinship

    The memory is situated at Senjo Gorge, to the south of the island. Follow the same step as the previous memories i.e. follow a man to your father.

    Memory of an Unfinished Song

    This memory will be unlocked once all the other memories are completed at northwest of Sly Hunter’s Forest on a small ridge. In this last memory, you have to go to the big white tent at the shore of the beach and mingle with the objects inside, on the ground and crates.

    Elegy for Kazumasa

    After successfully completing all 5 memories of your father you’ll unlock the Elegy for Kazumasa trophy.

    This was all about the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Memories of Your Father Locations. We hope it helped you. For more details and updates keep following Retrology.

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