Ghost of Tsushima: All Iki Island Animal Sanctuary Locations

    The Animal sanctuaries are locations in Ghost of Tsushima where you can relax with friendly creatures. As you continue chasing down each animal sanctuary you’ll be given powerful rewards. With the Iki Island expansion, there is loads of new content to discover and explore, like animal sanctuaries, archery challenges, and many more interesting things. In this guide, we will cover all of the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Animal Sanctuary Locations.

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    There is a total of three types of animal sanctuaries to find; Cat, Deer, and Monkey. Each of these animal sanctuaries has its charm and can be further upgraded. There are a total of 9 animal sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. You have to be cautious while looking for these animal sanctuaries because some of them can only be visited when the Mongol enemies in the surroundings have been conquered.

    So let’s begin with each of the sanctuaries one by one.

    Deer Sanctuaries

    Deer sanctuaries are home to the elegant deer of Iki Island. These jumpy animals can be seen all across the island, and be aware of that they can be spotted when you least expect them.

    Reward: The reward that you will get from Deer Sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima is the Charm of Sugaru’s Sight.

    • Deer Sanctuary #1

    The first deer sanctuary can be found near Sly Hunter’s Forest on the map. You can easily find the location on the map.

    • Deer Sanctuary #2

    This sanctuary will be discovered at Shattered Cliffs on the map. Keep playing the flute to the deer when you reach there.

    • Deer Sanctuary #3

    It is located at Zasho River Crossing. To gain access to this deer sanctuary, you need to clear the Mongol camp at Zasho River Crossing.

    Cat Sanctuaries

    Here you’ll find the wild and splendid cats of Iki Island in these locations. These furry little creatures can be seen running around the island.

    Reward:  The reward that you will get through visiting these sanctuaries is Charm of Nekoma’s Hunt.

    • Cat Sanctuary #1

    The first cat sanctuary will be at the North of Barrier Cove. To unlock this sanctuary you have to go to the locked wooden cage. There, hold the R2 and then move the controller up and down to entice the cat and finally, play the flute.

    • Cat Sanctuary #2

    It is located in the West of the Zasho River. You’ll have to put in extra effort to secure the cat. You’ll have to fight with wild creatures as well as the Mongols.

    • Cat Sanctuary #3

    You’ll discover the last cat sanctuary at the East of Old Gambler’s Wood.

    Monkey Sanctuaries

    Monkey sanctuaries are home to the cheeky red-faced monkeys of Iki Island. These creatures can be found on the island’s rocky coasts.

    Reward:  The reward that you will get for discovering these creatures is Charm of Mashira’s Protection.

    • Monkey Sanctuary #1

    It is located on Raider’s Promontory. You have to unlock the cage and be friendly with these confident creatures.

    • Monkey Sanctuary #2

    You’ll discover this sanctuary towards the South of Smuggler’s Wood.

    • Monkey Sanctuary #3

    And last but not least monkey sanctuary is located at the very top of the Mountain at Saruiwa.

    This was all about the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Animal Sanctuaries locations. We hope it helped you. For more interesting updates and details keep following Retrology.

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