GamingRole-PlayingGetting Song of Starlight in Lost Ark made easier

    Getting Song of Starlight in Lost Ark made easier

    Lost Ark’s playable characters are intrepid heroes yet in addition capable performers. Now and again, players will stop between two battles and play music to open up sections, uncover regions, or increment their affinities with the game’s NPC that helps them in their experiences. You will find amazing new ideas in this song of starlight lost ark guide.

    Song of Starlight in Lost Ark

    Song of Starlight is a wonderful melody passed on from the starkeeper. This melody will assist you with expanding your Rapport with specific NPCs. A superior Rapport is generally useful during your experiences.

    song of starlight

    While the greater part of the tunes can be gotten by finishing missions or arriving at specific achievements. Song of Starlight must be purchased with an extraordinary sort of cash called Gienah’s Coins, 3,300 of them to be precise. This melody is sold by a vendor named Favreau on Starlight Aisle.

    Favreau is a starkeeper who guides lost spirits into paradise. The shipper likewise has a girl Lena. You should finish a few journeys before you can purchase the tune from Favreau.

    How to get song of Starlight

    While opening your printed music menu with the F2 button, you’ll have the option to see the Song of Starlight in the rundown.

    While floating over it, the game will demonstrate how to open the tune. The game will let you know that the Song is open in terms of a professional career in the Starlight Isle.

    Utilizing Gienah’s Coins. This money can be procured by cruising to islands and finishing journeys there.


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    The Starlight Isle is situated close to Pleccia. You can arrive rapidly by utilizing a pass to Anikka’s port and afterward set forth from that point. Luckily, it’s an ordinary island so you’ll have the option to enter it at whatever point you need.

    The Song of Starlight can be exchanged with the NPC Favreau for 3,300 Gienah coins. You can exchange different monetary standards for Gienah’s coins at moored Merchant Ships.

    Assuming it’s your most memorable time on the island, you’ll have the option to begin a purple mission there, as well.

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