Genshin Impact Treasure Area 5 Clue (Lost Riches Day 5)

    The new event of Lost Riches has begun in Genshin Impact cosmos. Treasure Book will guide you through the map for it. If you couldn’t find them or go stuck in there, here are the guides for Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3. And now, we will help you through the Genshin Impact Treasure Area 5 gameplay.

    Genshin Impact: Treasure Area 5 Guide

    Genshin Impact: Treasure Area 5 Guide Map
    Genshin Impact: Treasure Area 5 Guide Map

    After the latest update 3.0, the event is out. Genshin Impact has given the Treasure Book for you to help track your progress. In Lost Riches, there are five areas from where you can collect treasures. But there are some requirements. Your Adventure Rank should be 20 and Sumeru Island should be unlocked.

    In Sumeru, Treasure Area 5 is located in Avidya Forest. Reach Sumeru Island and look for the Avidya Forest. Let’s start the treasure hunt.

    Treasure Location #1

    The Statue of the Seven- Dendro
    The Statue of the Seven- Dendro

    Your first location to reach is the Statue of the Seven- Dendro. Teleport over there.

    Summon the Treasure-Seeking Seelie to absorb the energy. There are three of energy treasures to claim. You can spot them easily as they are white icons on the mini-map. Reach the three locations and absorb them all.

    Head over to the blue light. That’s where Treasure Area is and start the challenge. Make sure to complete it on time. The timer will begin you accept the challenge and ends after 2 minutes. To complete the challenge, you have to defeat and crush all the enemies. And score up the Seelie Vitality bar.

    As the challenge is completed, a golden light emits. That is the location of the treasure. Reach over there and collect the rewards of Ancient Iron Coins and Primogems.

    Treasure Location #2

    Move ahead to reach the three treasures from the mini-map. Seelie will assist you. Collect their energies and head to the blue light spot for the treasure area.

    As you absorb their energies, head to the treasure Area. Here the challenge begins. The timer countdown will start in two minutes. Defeat all your rivals with your mighty weapons. And maintain high scores at the Seelie Vitality bar.

    After the challenge is completed, the hidden treasure chest will be revealed. And claim the rewards of Ancient Iron Coins, Guide to Ingenuity, and Primogems. You have now claimed the second treasure as well.

    Treasure Location #3

    Keep moving in the direction of the mini-map. And collect the energies with Seelie. Move ahead and grab all three. And here is our pro tip. All the Seelie gadgets will be hidden. And you need to find them.

    As soon as you absorb them, you will see the Treasure Area. And you can head over there to complete the challenge. The time will be ticking and you need to absorb all the Seelie energy from the area. As the Seelie Vitality bar is full, the timer stops. Also, the challenge is accomplished.

    Move the Treasure location and dig it. You will get Ancient Iron Coins and Oasis Garden’s Kindness as rewards. Now, you have successfully completed the Genshin Impact Treasure Area 5.

    The Treasure Book will keep tracking your progress. And help you gain more rewards in the future. Go ahead and collect the treasures of the Lost Riches Event.

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