Genshin Impact Treasure Area 3 Clue Guide

    Genshin Impact world has new treasures to reveal. And players are excited to claim them. In the new event of Lost Riches Day 3, players will be given a helping book the Treasure Book. Follow along with this guide, and you can get the Genshin Impact Treasure Area 3 clue details.

    Before we begin, here are some of the Genshin Impact Guides that you might need help with.

    Genshin Impact Guide: Treasure Area 3 Clue

    Genshin Impact Guide: Treasure Area 3
    Genshin Impact Guide: Treasure Area 3

    In Genshin Impact’s new event Lost Riches, you need to claim the treasure. You can find these treasures from the Ardavi Valley in Sumeru. There are 3 treasures to collect from there. You will follow the Treasure-Seeking Seelie for the treasures.

    Move to the treasure area that is Ardravi Valley. You can see the location from the map. Or you can head to the northern side of Port Ormos. And Port Ormos is on the southern part of the map. The treasure area is in the western part of the Ardravi Valley.

    Head over to the teleport waypoint, the Ardravi Valley in Sumeru. Let’s begin the treasure hunt.

    Treasure Location #1

    As you reach the treasure area, summon the Treasure-Seeking Seelie. Or press Z to call. Now, you can see the locations of all three Seelie on a mini-map on the screen. Starting from the first one is in the northern part of the treasure area. And collect energy that is in white color. Then, head to the other two and collect them as well.

    As you complete them all, a blue light will explode. And you will reach a spot to confront a challenge. The challenge is quite simple. You need to kill all your enemies and collect their energies. This will power up your Seelie Vitality. And remember! it’s a timer challenge.

    As you complete the challenge and defeat all the rivals, golden light will illuminate. Here is the location of the very first treasure.

    Treasure Location #2

    The second treasure location is in the northwestern part of the teleport waypoint. And summon your Treasure Seeking Seelie. Keep following the Seelie from the mini-map. And absorb their energies from three different locations. Again, a blue light will emit to let you know another challenge is about to begin.

    This challenge is also time-based. So, you better be quick. Defeat all the foes and fill your Seelie Vitality bar. And now, the golden light will emit to lead you to the location of the second treasure location.

    Treasure Location #3

    The third and last treasure is hidden in the southwest place of the teleport waypoint. Reach there, and summon your Treasure-Seeking Seelie. But this time, they’re hiding in the bushes.

    Collect them all and the new challenge will begin with a blue light. Again its timer challenges with less than two minutes to complete. Defeat the baddies and see the golden light. Which will lead you to the location of the third treasure.

    On Day 3 of Lost Riches, Genshin Impact Treasure Area 3 has three different treasures hidden. You have to fight monsters in time and follow the seelies. But you can do it all with this guide. Go ahead and collect them all.

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