Genshin Impact Treasure Area 2 Clue Guide

    Genshin Impact comes out with new challenges to keep its audience engaged every now and then. Since the lost riches event started, there have been many things you can get as rewards in this event. We’ve already covered Area 1 Treasure so do check it out. In this guide, we will show you how to complete and find the Genshin Impact Treasure Area 2 Clue along with Treasure boxes.

    Location of Treasure Area 2

    • The clue can be found on the Lost Riches menu. It says here that the area of interest is at Vissudha Field. With that in mind, teleport to the nearest point which is Westernmost Teleport.
    Location of Treasure Area 2
    Location of Treasure Area 2
    • From there, move towards the Vanarana. Somewhere in between, you’ll see the marked area on the map in yellow. This is the area where you can find all the treasure boxes.
    • You can also make the connection between the area shown in the book and on the map by matching the places. It’s quite easy if you know where to look.
    • For your ease, here is the area marked below. Also, equip the treasure-seeking Seelie as only then you’ll be able to see this yellow circle.
    Treasure Seeking area
    Treasure Seeking area

    Treasure Box # 1

    • Collect all three blue orbs as you did for Area 1. The first one is high up in the air and is the most difficult. The other two will be near this.
    Blue orb in Treasure Box # 1
    Blue orb in Treasure Box # 1
    • After collecting all three blue orbs, go to the marked location on the map.
    • As you reach here, a timer and Seelie Vitality bar will appear. Defeat the monsters until this bar is filled.
    • After you defeat a monster, an energy orb will appear so catch them to fill the bar.
    • Once filled, you’ll notice a treasure box in place of the marker. Here you will get your first treasure.

    Treasure Box # 2

    • Next is the second Treasure box. For this, the blue orbs would be harder to find.
    • Jump up from the jumping mushroom and fly through the tree to spot the first orb.
    The giant tree: First orb location
    The giant tree: First orb location
    • From there you’ll be able to spot the next orb on top of the wooden structure. This is northeast of the previous chest.
    • The last one would be near the second orb. Just jump on the land from the hut top. The third is visible in the sky.
    • Next, go to the marker on the map. You’ll get the task of collecting energy orbs. These orbs are light sea-green.
    • After the Seelie Vitality bar is filled up, you’ll get treasure box # 2.

    Treasure Box # 3

    • For the third box, you’ll have to repeat what you did previously for the first one.
    • Collect three orbs by moving around the area. Once all blue orbs are caught, the Seelie will point you to the treasure.
    • Go to this area and defeat monsters until the Seelie Vitality is filled up.
    • Once filled, you’ll get the treasure box on the marker. Collect the reward and end the challenge.

    Area 3 is also covered so do check it out next. For more guides, check our page Retrology and stay updated.

    Izna Anjum
    Izna Anjum
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