Pakistan’s GCU Harry Potter event featured a fan-made film, The Last Follower: Resurrection of Voldemort

    In Pakistan’s popular Hogwart resembling university, Government College University (GCU), there happened a Harry Potter-themed event. From 29th November to 6th December, the GCU Harry Potter event screened the student-made film, titled “The Last Follower: Resurrection of Voldemort“. In case you missed the film in the brief week that it was hosted, I’m here to fill you in on what you missed.

    Produced by Khiyaali Productions, the film has been in the making for quite some time. It was released for the first time back in 2020. Even for the annual second screenings, the movie managed to gather a huge crowd. With not only the movie being the star of the event but GCU’s famous Salam Hall decorated in Harry Potter theme and selling movie trinkets such as wands and Platform 9 3/4 tickets.

    The movie itself is very well made. Watching it I for one forgot that it is not shot in Hogwarts but in GCU itself. With props to the movie’s editing and VFX department for bringing GCU and Hogwarts close together.

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    As for the movie itself, it continued the plot of the original Harry Potter movies. With a time jump of 150 years after Voldemort’s death, one of his followers is attempting to bring him back. After Harry Potter’s wand is stolen it is up to our five heroes Nathan, Edward, Evelyn, Emily, and Christine to find out what their teachers are hiding from them and put a stop to Voldemort’s followers once and for all.

    This film shot by students had cinematic shots that had the audience in awe. Filled with easter eggs and references all around, The Last Follower: Resurrection of Voldemort is a movie for hardcore Harry Potter fans. I’d definitely give the movie a 4/5 and the souvenir shop was a treat on its own. A magical experience to say the least.

    That’s all regarding the GCU Harry Potter event. For the next time around don’t forget to book those passes and mark your calendars in advance. You wouldn’t want to miss this experience again. If you did attend the event do let us know how your experience was in the comments.

    Mofeeza Masood
    Mofeeza Masood
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