GamingForza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels All Bonus Boards Locations

    Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels All Bonus Boards Locations

    Playground Games presents the Forza Horizon 5 with more clashes and smashes to give you a real-world experience. There are 250 bonus boards for you to gain points and reduce cost bills. Here are the details of Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Bonus Boards Locations in this guide. So, read it thoroughly.

    Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Bonus Boards Locations Guide

    The astonishing views of Mexico have more tracks to show you than you have ever seen! You can drive them with fun and have benefits too. There are two types of bonus boards to help you with your points and gain a better position in the campaign. Let’s look into these types and how you can find them.

    XP Board

    XP Board
    XP Board

    These XP points will help you gain experience points. Likely, 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 points. This board will help will you earn wheelspins and gain higher levels.

    Fast Travel Board

    Fast Travel  Board
    Fast Travel Board

    The Fast Travel board will very helpful with car teleportation. Each time you crash travel board, the cost of your car travel will reduce by $200. This will help you gain enough points to move around the map without losing your precious points. And if you don’t know, the cost of each car travel is $10,000.

    How to find the boards

    Bonus boards will be found right from the beginning of the route. There are 200 XP boards on the map. XP boards are very easy to spot. Most of them can be smashed easily. While a few of them are on top of the houses. And jumping on them can be risky.

    forza horizon 5 hot wheels bonus boards locations
    XP Boards Map

    Whereas, crashing down all Fast Travel boards will reduce the cost each time you need to fast travel. There are 50 Fast Travel boards to spot. You can easily spot them on the map and car travel anywhere on the map free of cost.

    forza horizon 5 hot wheels bonus boards locations
    Fast Travel Boards Map

    Our recommendation is to try this ideal tip to find any board around you. The board plays music. If you turn down the radio and listen carefully. You will hear some light music playing around. For better detection, use headphones or a good speaker to lead you. Then, you can head that way and find the board.

    How to gain points from All Bonus Boards

    The simple and easy way to gain points from all bonus boards is to crash in them. Just like the classic Forza Horizon 5 way. Smash, crash, or hit them to gain your points.

    Most Common Places to find Bonus Boards

    forza horizon 5 hot wheels bonus boards locations
    Most Common Places to find Bonus Boards

    Here are the most common places and spots to find the bonus boards. Apart from the Forza Horizon 5 map, you can remember these points and find them quickly in no time.

    • When driving through the bridge, make sure you look under them.
    • Few cliff sides have the boards too. Make sure to look out for them too. Crash in them and get your gain.
    • Locations like barns, construction sites, and stables have a high chance of having bonus boards in there. There might be barriers to reach in there. Try to get through them and get your board.

    Finally, we have given all the details you need to know about the bonus boards. The Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels bonus board locations end here with our recommendation and a list of the most common places to find them. You can get back behind the wheel and start your race right away. For more such guides, you through our guides page and look for what you want.

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