GamingFortnite Floating Rings Locations Guide - Reality Falls

    Fortnite Floating Rings Locations Guide – Reality Falls

    Fortnite has given a fresh batch of weekly tasks in their new update of Season 3 Chapter 3. There are many fun tasks available such as petting Wolves and Boars and one of them is gathering Floating Rings near Reality Falls. While there is no issue finding this beautiful highlighted area on the in-game map, they have difficulty collecting the floating rings. This article will offer thorough instructions on how to detect Fortnite Floating Rings Locations on this new map.

    Floating rings are blue rings that can be placed randomly during a quest named after it. The goal of this quest is to gather a set amount of rings that spawn in various spots within a specific region. Today, the region is Reality Falls.

    The rings typically spawn at a high enough altitude to be seen floating. At times, they also generate atop structures.

    Floating Rings Location in Reality Falls

    Fortnite Floating Rings Location - Reality Falls
    Fortnite Floating Rings Location – Reality Falls

    There are 10 rings in the vicinity of Reality Falls, but you only need to gather five of them to accomplish this challenge.

    The Reality Tree area has three rings so the better point is to search for rings at Reality Falls. This part is on top of the cliffs in the northern part of Reality Falls so head over there. There are seven rings available here and you have to collect them as soon as possible.

    Guide to collecting Fortnite Floating rings

    After you locate where the floating rings are, you have the task at hand about how to collect them. Some rings are present in the sky while others can be down the cliff. Here’s how you can get both.

    Floating rings above you:

    One way to collect Fortnite Floating rings above you is to pave your way to the floating rings. Building diagonal ramps (as used in ramp rush) to easily reach the floating rings is the easiest way of collecting them. As they are not much higher, you will only need one or two diagonal walls, rush up, and then jump to collect them and them off the structure. It’s as easy as it sounds.

    Another way is the built-in method. There are bouncy mushrooms present by the cliff all around the waterfall. You can jump on them and they will project you higher than a normal jump. These can be sometimes hard to maneuver around as their surface area is small and you can easily fall off by landing wrong. Nevertheless, this works and can be faster for experienced players so to each their own.

    Mushroom jumps - Reality falls fortnite
    Mushroom jumps – Reality falls Fortnite

    Floating Rings below you:

    The other half of the floating rings can be found down the sides of the cliff. There is only one way to get them and it’s quite easy if you’re careful.

    Stand exactly by the cliff where the floating ring is and then jump down to get them. Make sure that they are just below you so it’s easy to catch them in one try. Although this is easy, you need to be careful about not hitting any ground on your way down. It can cause damage so make sure to dive straight into the water. If you think you will hit the ground, quickly move to get in the water.

    And there you have it, a complete guide on Fortnite Floating Rings Locations and how to complete it easily. They are not really hard to get if you have played it before and know about the mechanics. Good Luck!

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