Fixing Windows 11 Hibernation issue (Programs getting closed)

    Users have been complaining about some of the issues in Windows 11 as such images not opening properly, or regarding Auto HDR. Window 11 hibernation issue is also one example. In this guide, we will help you solve this hibernation issue in Windows 11 in particular. However, before that, we would like to explain what the issue really is.

    After updating your laptop to Windows 11 you might face issues while hibernating your laptop. After a long time of inactivity when the laptop goes to sleep mode, it is not able to wake up again even if you press all of the keys. Users need to force shut down their system which is not a very viable way. One user also reported that after putting their laptop on hibernation all programs are lost when they resume. This can be due to all the task files being saved on the hard disk during hibernation but the hard disk is turned off.

    If you are facing problems with images not opening on Windows 11 we have also covered that.

    Fix Windows 11 Hibernation Issue

    • Go to Control Panel
    • Click on Hardware and Sound option
    • Select the Power Options
    • Now, Select Change Plan Settings to the right of your power plan
    • Click on Change Advanced Power Settings
    • Move to Hard Disk
    • ā€œTurn of the hard disk after this timeā€ is set to 0 or 10000 (0 and Never is for do not sleep), you can customize the time accoriding to your own preference.

    Hence, if you configure the Hard Disk sleep setting as per your need. You can get solve your programs getting closed and the system not starting issue. Just so you know, the hard disk sleep setting exists to enhance the manage the power consumption and mainly to make the efficient use of the storage device while increasing its longevity. Therefore, keep all of this in mind before tweaking this setting.

    This is all on the guide to fix the windows 11 hibernation issue. We also cover a lot of guides and fixes so be sure to check those sections on daily basis. For more content like this keep following Retrology.

    Amel Aamer
    Amel Aamer
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