Fixing Sniper Elite 5 low FPS issue, stuttering, and frame drops

    The latest installment of the award-winning series, Sniper Elite 5, released on 25th May 2022, has engrossed gamers. Being one of the most anticipated games of May 2022, this version comes with unmatched combat tools and a new enhanced kill cam. However, the players are starting to raise their concerns about the Sniper Elite 5 low FPS.

    While we wait for a new update to address these issues. Here’s what we know about the Sniper Elite 5 FPS issue and how to solve it.

    Issues Reported

    Some of the issues mass reported by players in Rebellion’s new development include:

    Black Screen
    Screen Tearing

    1. Check System Requirements

    If you are experiencing the issues mentioned above, it may likely be because the system requirements for the game aren’t met. Here is a list of requirements needed for the game to run smoothly. Make sure you check all the boxes for an immersive gaming experience:

    Operating system: a 64-bit processor and operating system
    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Intel CPU Core i3-8100 or equivalent
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Storage: 85 GB of available space

    If you’re meeting all the requirements and still coming across issues, here are a few more things you can do on your own before you contact the game’s official support.

    2. Update your driver

    Sniper Elite 5 low fps issue

    One of the main reasons your game keeps crashing may be your outdated graphics driver. Get the latest update for your PC if you want a hindrance-free gaming exposure. You may visit your hardware manufacturer’s official website to get the latest update for your device or install it manually which might be a time-consuming task.

     After you have updated your driver, notice if your issues are resolved yet. If not, no worries we have a few more steps for you to try out!

    3. Game Integrity Verification

    Sniper Elite 5 low fps issue

    Via this process, you will allow Steam to scan all the required files and fix the corrupted ones that may be associated with the game. First, open Steam and go to the library. Select Sniper Elite 5 from the game list on the left side and click right to select Properties. Open the local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files button. Wait till Steam completes the verification of the file.

    4. Close extra background applications

    There may be a number of applications running on your PC hogging up space and processing power. Close the software that is not in your use while playing. You can manage these background applications by using Task Manager.

    5. Disable antivirus

    If your game still keeps crashing, there is a strong chance that Sniper Elite 5’s executable file is being marked as a virus as antivirus companies keep updating their software to enhance their security.

    6. Switch Between Display Modes

    Toggle between fullscreen borderless and windowed bordered display modes, or vice versa, from the in-game settings menu. It will help the game files operate smoothly depending on your screen resolution and PC specs. You can try it out once. Some of the afflicted players benefited from this.

    7. Stop Background Downloads

    Regardless of whatever client you’re using, you’re probably trying to download or install other game updates at the same time. It’s best to suspend or stop any other background downloads when launching and playing the Sniper Elite 5 game on the client. You can continue downloading games or patch updates after you’ve finished playing.

    8. Set High Performance in Power Options

    If your Windows system’s Power Options are set to Balanced, it means that the system and hardware aren’t working optimally. Set the High-Performance option for better results during the challenging games. However, if you’re using a laptop, the high-performance level may quickly deplete the battery. To do so, follow these steps:

    From the search results, choose Start Menu > Type Control Panel and click on it.
    From the Hardware and Sound menu, choose Power Options.
    Go to High Performance and select it.
    Close the window and shut off your computer. 
    Go to Start > Settings > Power > Shut Down to do so.

    7. Contact Official Support

    If even after executing all the steps mentioned above, your game keeps lagging, it’s time to give up and contact the game’s official support.

    This was all about the Sniper Elite 5 low FPS issue and how to resolve it. To know about how to fix Sniper Elite 5 crashing and black screen issue or for more helpful guides like these, keep following Retrology.

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