Fixing Lawn Mowing Simulator Logitech Wheel Issue

    Lawn Mowing Simulator is an amazing simulation game. It is developed by Skyhook Games and published by Curve Digital. This game is about mowing lawns. It allows you to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of mowing the Great British countryside in diverse modes. Along with that it also ensures the cash flow of your empire remains green. Although there is no multiplayer mode in this game yet many people have found this game meditative giving overall a very satisfying experience.

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    There are around 12 Mower models and each has its attachments, challenges, and upgrades to unlock. It offers a variety of striking locations which includes enormous castle grounds, charming cottage greens. Lawn Mowing Simulator gives you the satisfaction of cutting every blade of the grass to its perfect length and for that purpose, every area and site is carefully handcrafted.

    Furthermore, this game offers a variety of features and functions, for instance, you can build your own lawn care business by hiring new staff, buying more machines. You can also improve your lawn mowing skills and get more equipment.

    Despite its great features, there is a problem with the Mowing Simulator Logitech wheel which we will help you fix in this guide.

    • If you are facing the problem where the wheel isn’t being detecting then you need to uninstall the legacy software for Logitech.
    • The other way is to install Logitech G-HUB. It will help you verify that wheel is visible there or not.
    • There is also a problem of having too much feedback and sensitivity. That can be fixed by adjusting the settings of Logitech G-HUB.
      • For that, go to the settings and set the Steering Wheel Operating Range in the software to 360 from 900.
      • You can also set the center spring strength to 0.
      • By increasing the sensitivity to 50 can also help fix the problem.

    These are the easy steps that you can follow to avoid the Logitech wheel issue in Lawn Mowing Simulator and enjoy mowing happily. Retrology is keen to help the users in fixing their issues and therefore, we share a lot of guides. For more, keep following us. 

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