Fixing DNF Duel low FPS issue, stuttering, and frame drops

    DNF Duel is releasing on 28th June on PlayStation (4 and 5) and PC and with its high anticipation will come some basic problems. These problems are not planned, of course, but can show themselves. Some of these are crashing, black screen, low FPS, frame drops, getting stuck, etc.

    These aren’t really big problems so you can easily solve them if you know the correct ways.

    DNF Duel having a low FPS issue with frame drops is an issue that can be solved easily. Here is the list which will come in handy one way or another.

    Check System Requirements

    Before getting your hands on DNF Duel, do make sure that you have the required equipment to run the game without any issues. If you fail to meet the game’s minimum system requirements then there is a high chance that you might get into trouble while launching it. Here we have a list of both the minimum and recommended system requirements for DNF Duel:

    Minimum Requirments

    • CPU: Intel Core i3-4370
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • OS: Windows 10 64bit
    • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2 GB
    • Storage: 20 GB

    Recommended Requirments

    • CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 or AMD Ryzen 5 3500x
    • RAM: 16 GB
    • OS: Windows 10 64bit
    • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD RX Vega-56
    • Storage: 20 GB

    Run DNF Duel as an Administrator

    DNF Duel’s low fps issue could be linked to a lack of administrative rights. Try running DNF Duel in admin mode. Here’s how to do it.

    • Right-click on DNF Duel .exe file.
    • Choose Properties.
    • Select the Compatibility tab.
    • Check the option that says “Run this software as an administrator.”
    • Save your modifications.

    Disable Background/Startup Applications

    DNF Duel character:  Vanguard
    DNF Duel character: Vanguard

    There may be a number of applications running on your PC hogging up space and processing power. Close the software that is not in your use while playing. These include:

    • Antivirus
    • MSI Afterburner
    • Nvidia GeForce Experience
    • Steam
    • Photoshop, etc

    Update your video card drivers

    If you have all of the necessary equipment to play DNF Duel and are still having problems, it’s very probable that your video card driver is the cause of the game’s crashes. We strongly urge you to update your driver to the most recent version in order to unleash its true abilities. Here is how to do it:

    1. Press Windows + R.
    2. Click OK after typing “DxDiag.”
    3. Select the Display tab when the DirectX Diagnostic Tool has loaded.
    4. The name and manufacturer of the video card are provided in the Device section.
    5. To get the most up-to-date driver, go to the manufacturer’s website. For help with driver updates, contact the driver manufacturer. Contact the computer maker if the computer is still under warranty.

    With the latest drivers, the game will run smoothly and hopefully crash-free. Both Nvidia’s latest drivers and AMD’s latest drivers can be found on their official websites.

    Change Graphics Driver Settings

    Furthermore, to fix the DNF Duel low FPS issue on PC, we highly suggest that you tweak the graphics setting in Nvidia or AMD control panel.

    Nivida Settings

    Nvidia users, go to Nvidia Control Panel -> Adjust Image Settings and Preview -> Select 3D Image settings -> Advanced 3D settings.

    Select global settings if you want these changes to apply to all games. If you simply want to apply these to DNF Duel, instead, go to the Program List and search for the game. If you can’t locate the game in the list, use the browse button to go to the game’s installation directory and find the.exe file.

    After that, tweak the following changes:

    • Threaded Optimization: On
    • Image Sharpening mode: Of
    • Power Management: Prefer Maximum Performance
    • Low Latency Mode: Off
    • Texture filtering – Quality: Performance

    AMD settings

    DNF Duel Character: Kunoichi
    DNF Duel Character: Kunoichi

    Right-click on your desktop and select AMD Radeon Software from the drop-down menu. Go to the Gaming tab and select Global Graphics from the drop-down menu. Select “Custom” as your Graphics Profile. Change the settings to the following:

    • Radeon Anti-Lag: Disabled
    • Radeon Chill: Disabled
    • Boost: Disabled
    • Image Sharpening: Disabled
    • Radeon Enhanced Sync: Disabled
    • Wait for Vertical Refresh: Always Off

    After that click on advanced and tweak the following settings:

    • Anti-Aliasing: Use Application settings
    • Anti-aliasing Method: Multi-sampling
    • Morphological Anti-Aliasing: Disabled
    • Anisotropic Filtering: Disabled
    • Texture Filtering Quality: Performance
    • Surface Format Optimization: Enabled
    • Tessellation Mode: Override application settings
    • Maximum Tessellation Level: Off
    • OpenGL Triple Buffering: Disabled
    • 10-Bit Pixel Format: Disabled
    • GPU Workload: Graphics

    Once you are done, from the bottom of the list, select Performance Reset to clear the Shader Cache.

    Stop Background Downloads

    you’re probably trying to download or install other game updates at the same time. It’s best to suspend or stop any other background downloads when launching and playing the DNF Duel game. You can continue downloading games or patch updates after you’ve finished playing.

    Enable Game Mode and GPU Scheduling

    In order to increase DNF Duel performance, you can also try enabling Game Mode on Windows 10 and 11. It will help in minimizing the background processes so that your DNF Duel gets more FPS and better performance.

    You can do it by typing “Game Mode“ in Windows Search and selecting Game Mode settings. There will be an option to turn on the Game Mode.

    Furthermore, you can also enable Hardware Accelerated GPU scheduling to enhance DNF Duel graphics performance.

    Upgrade to SSD

    Another way to fix the DNF Duel graphics issue is to install the game on SSD. Since SSDs are much faster than the Hard Disks, this can speed up the loading of the game files which can possibly give you a relatively higher frame rate.

    Verify files integrity

    Let’s not give up yet! If you have had no luck in solving the DNF Duel low FPS issue, give a shot at verifying files integrity. Here’s how you can verify game files in Epic Games Launcher.

    DNF Duel character: Ranger
    DNF Duel character: Ranger

    That is it for the DNF Duel low FPS guide. We hope that this guide was helpful enough to resolve your issue. To know more about fixing other games, do check out the guides section on Retrology.

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