Fixing “Dell Laptop Won’t Turn on?” issue for Windows 10 & 11

    Dell Laptop not turning on is the most common problem faced by the users these days. Majorly this problem occurs in the older versions of Dell Laptop. There are several reasons for this situation to occur as it might occur after some physical damage to the laptop or through some new window updates. However, in this article, we will discuss some solutions to fix the Dell laptop boot-up problem.

    You can use any of these solutions as per your situation. Even you can try all these fixes to solve your boot-up problem. Moreover, each solution consists of some important steps that will help you fix the Dell Laptop turn-on problem.

    How to fix this problem?

    1. Disconnect all external devices and boot the Dell Laptop

    One of the reasons for boot-up failure might be because of the peripheral device shorting the laptop’s motherboard. Therefore, booting the Laptop with the bare minimum is one of the solutions to this problem.

    1. First, disconnect all the peripheral devices from your laptop.
    2. Then click on the power button and check whether it has turned on or not.
    3. If not, then connect your laptop with an external display. If this step resolves your issue, then there is a chance that your internal display may be damaged.
    4. When the above step didn’t work, then connect all your peripherals one by one and check your laptop screen.
    5. Lastly, if the above steps didn’t work, then press the FN + power button to turn on your laptop.

    2. Check the battery of your laptop

    The malfunctioning battery could be the reason for this boot-up problem. Here are some steps that you should follow when you go for this solution.

    1. Remove the charger and battery from your laptop.
    2. If there is a fixed battery, unscrew the back cover of your laptop and unhook the battery.
    3. Now, plug back the charger into your DELL Laptop and press the power button.
    4. Whereas, if your laptop turns on then there is an issue with your battery.

    3. Drain Flea Power on the Dell Laptop

    Another reason for your Dell Laptop not turning can be because of the interference caused by the flea power. The electric current left behind after switching off the power supply can cause problems for your laptop. Therefore, draining this flea power might act as a solution to your problem.

    1. Plug out your laptop and remove its battery.
    2. Then press the power button for at least 15 seconds.
    3. After pressing the button, attach the AC adapter to your device.
    4. Lastly, now try to power it on without the battery.

    4. Hardware Diagnostics Solution

    Running hardware diagnostics is considered one of the most intelligent fixes for your Dell Laptop turn-on problem. This test will help you identify the problem on your laptop device.

    1. Visit the Dell Support Site.
    2. Fill in your Express Service Code Number or Service Tag.
    3. Click on the Diagnostics tab.
    4. There you’ll see three options: Quick Test, Full Test, and Custom Component Test.
    5. Select any of these options as per your preference and then click run.

    5. Clean the internal part of your laptop

    Dust can easily damage the internal system of your laptop. It can even cause chip failure that results in short-circuiting of your laptop. Deep cleaning of the internal part may solve this problem.

    1. Remove the back cover and use a compressed air can to blow air on the laptop’s circuitry.
    2. Use a brush or a dry cloth for cleaning the internals like HDD, CD drives, etc.).
    3. You may also use rubbing alcohol to remove the corrosion while keeping the circuitry part safe.
    4. Now, connect the laptop’s back cover and press the power-on button to see whether the laptop turns on or not.

    These are the best fixes and solutions to the turn-on problem of your Dell laptop. Follow the steps as guided in the article. If one solution fails to remove the error, then jump to the other solution. For more guides related to tech, keep following Retrology.

    Wijdan Rana
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