Fixing Bless Unleashed crashing issue on PC

    Bless Unleashed is a vastly multiplayer online game. This MMORPG title is developed by Round8 Studios while being published by no other than Bandai Namco Entertainment. This game allows you to board on a heroic adventure with as many friends as you want alongside also giving you the opportunity to experience the marvelous journey alone. The game Bless Unleashed offers you cosmic and diverse landscapes which make it even more interesting to play.

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    Despite its amazing and vibrant features and modes, the game is getting bad reviews as many players have complained that after an update the game has started to crash literally after every minute or two leading them to lose interest.

    However, every problem has a solution. Here is the guide to help fix this issue. You can try any of the following methods:

    Method 1
    Go to the game folder and look for setup.exe/settings.exe/config.exe, or check for the .ini file and change resolution to the lowest.

    This will help to fix the issue and if it doesn’t then move on to the next methods mentioned below.

    Method 2
    Update your video and card drivers. By doing so you can increase the stability of the game and it can fix all the GPU-related errors as well. The next step is to install or reinstall all VcRedists versions along with the framework and java.

    Method 3

    • Validate/Verify the integrity of game files

    After an update, some files may get corrupted. It can be fixed in the following steps:

    • Go to Steam library and right-click on Bless Unleashed.
    • Select properties and go to the local files section and click Verify integrity of game files.

    Method 4

    • Disable steam overlay
    • Go to Steam library and right-click on Bless Unleashed.
    • Select properties and uncheck “Enable The Steam Overlay in-game”

    Method 5
    Try reinstalling the game as this is the last step you can try to make it work properly and without crashing.

    These are all the methods and techniques which can be used by players to overcome Bless Unleashed crashing issue and they can play enjoy playing it without having to face any further crashing problems.

    Amna Aziz
    Amna Aziz
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