Finalmouse – Everything that you need before buying it!

    If you are looking for a highly functional mouse that is aesthetically pleasing along with being extremely lightweight, then Finalmouse is for you. After facing a lot of hate and backlash for bad quality, Finalmouse is now trying to redeem itself and it’s believed from the reviews that it has. Many problems have been looked into and it has improved a lot. This bought a lot of attention to the company, especially when a collaboration with a notable gamer was just released.

    Let’s look into how the creators have made it this lightweight and unique from others.

    The Construction of FinalMouse

    Finalmouse uses magnesium for the body of the mouse. There is a standard honeycomb hole style cut into the body which enables the mouse to feel light. Because of the production methods and intricacies involved, the thickness of the Magnesium frame may vary somewhat. This variation can bring a difference of a few grams; whether the addition or subtraction.

    The total weight of the finished product, including the batteries, feet, screws, paint, and coating, is 42 grams for the Small and 47 grams for the Medium sized mouse. This is pretty light considering how usual mouse weight is up to the average of 70 grams.

    The bottom, though, is made of Ultem, a type of plastic. This is because the metal can scratch the base in order to allow the wireless signal to escape. As a result, it is not as strong as magnesium and should not be pressed or tested for strength as one could with the mouse’s sides or top.

    The newest finalmouse is powered by a high-quality rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. You may expect lengthy periods without needing to charge due to the groundbreaking engineering that went into the power optimization of the sensor, PCB, and firmware. Continuous battery life is expected to be 160 hours, average use case life to be 3 weeks, below-average use case life to be 7 weeks, and idle use case to be 16+ weeks.

    Collaboration with Tenz!

    Tenz holding his collaborated finamouse: Starlight pro
    Tenz holding his collaborated finamouse: Starlight pro

    The name Finalmouse came back into fame after collaborating with a famous CSGO! and Valorant streamer, Tenz. He made a variation of this mouse named, Starlight Pro.

    Pros of Finalmouse


    The Finalmouse is extremely lightweight, as said above. If you are looking for ultra-light mice though, especially in wireless, this weight is impossible to beat for now. Somewhere around 45g weight for the average.

    Side buttons

    The side buttons are fantastic. They are. They are light and crispy, have a decent size and feel, and are placed in the greatest possible location on the mouse’s side. You can also readily distinguish between them. Definitely up there with some of the finest side mouse buttons of all time. It’s no question how wonderful these mice feel as compared to others.

    Good Structure

    The form is rather nice. Although this is somewhat subjective, I feel most claw grip players would love this shape because it is quite comfortable for that grip style. Please keep in mind that medium would be a better choice as small is quite tiny. The medium size is ideal for most so for people with slightly large hands than small, the tiny would definitely cause you hand cramps.

    Aesthetically Pleasing 

    There is no question that its unique design is very beautiful. The various colors and patterns also add to the design which gives you many options to choose from. Even the honeycomb design isn’t so bad for people as you can even feel them as you lay your hand on top of it.

    Cons of Finalmouse

    Ghost wheel

    The most problems are with the ghost wheel as it sometimes goes off slanted. Another one is the Ghost wheel in which the wheel starts to act on its own. It’s extremely frustrating as it moves the players from the position they are in, especially in shooting games. This appears to be happening more frequently, despite the fact that it’s rarely used.

    It’s Pricey

    The last and most hard to get past is the prices. Almost all the mice are above 150 dollars mark which makes them rather pricey compared to other mice which cost 50-100 dollars. The price may be high due to its light but sturdy structure but many can seem to accept it. If you have the money to spend on a good mouse, it can be a good investment.

    Whatever choice you make, keep in mind these points and then choose one. It is expected that the Finalmouse will solve the issues soon and you would be able to use this lightweight mouse with its full potential. For more technology-related news, be updated by our tech section and keep following retrology.

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