FFXIV Island Sanctuary Workshop Guide

    One of the most anticipated additions in FFXIV was the Island Sanctuary, which was finally included in patch 6.2. This new region allows gamers to access several functionalities that were previously available exclusively to some. In the Island Sanctuary, you can personalize your space while exploring a massive island and caring for cute animals with the help of robots. There is a lot you can accomplish so let’s tackle FFXIV Island Sanctuary Workshop in this guide first.

    Building: FFXIV Island Sanctuary Workshop

    It is not difficult to construct an Island Sanctuary Workshop, but it does require some items to get started once you begin growing your island. The quest “A Workshop of Wonders” will expose you to Workshops for the first time. During this quest, you’ll be able to set up your first rank 1 Workshop. You can put up two workshops at the same time so do it if you have the resources.

    This is how much each workshop level requires to be built:

    • Workshop I:
      • 10 Island Logs
      • 10 Island Palm Leaves
      • 10 Island Limestone
      • 5 Island Vines
      • 5 Island Sand
    • Workshop II: (Rank 6)
      • 15 Island Logs
      • 15 Island Limestone
      • 10 Island Hemp
      • 5 Island Clay
      • 5 Island Copper Ore
    • Workshop III: (Rank 8)
      • 15 Island Iron Ore
      • 15 Island Leucogranite
      • 15 Island Logs
      • 10 Island Hemp
      • 3 Raw Island Garnets

    To build a Workshop, click on the Log in front of the empty plot of land, then choose a Workshop from the list once you’ve gathered all of the necessary supplies. The first two buildings on the island will be finished quickly, but as you start expanding your island and building onto empty plots of land on the expansions, you’ll have to wait some real-life hours until the property is finished.

    The Taskmaster will sell your handicrafts for you as long as you have the ingredients needed to make the item when the time arrives. This makes the work easier for you, giving you relief from monitoring it all the time.

    Collecting Supplies

    Players will spend a significant amount of time on the islands acquiring items, especially as they level up their Sanctuaries and acquire access to new tools. Under the many tabs on your Isleventory, you can view all you have or need.

    If you don’t have enough things for the Workshop Agenda, the surplus will display a negative value in red. Under the allocated section, you can also see how many items are assigned to them. Once you notice you have a low amount of a certain item in your storage, you can go to your island and gather enough of that material to manufacture your handicrafts.

    One method for regulating the Workshop’s item flow is to schedule the entire season. Each season lasts one week, and players can plan the workshop up to a week in advance. After you’ve planned everything, go to the Exporter and see if you have enough things to cover the handicrafts you’ve set.

    The Sanctuary Workshop

    The basic flow of workshops entails deciding which products will be made each day and ensuring that you have adequate materials to complete them. You don’t need the materials on hand when planning the agenda; only when it’s time to make them do you require them.

    While randomly selecting items will earn you some seafarer’s cowries, the biggest profits need you to consider two factors: efficiency bonuses and demand.



    Each item has up to two categories, which are mentioned in both the “Set Agenda” menu and the item description. Setting one item to construct and then another item in the same category will result in an efficiency benefit. This results in the creation of two of the second things without the expenditure of additional time or materials.

    An item made with the efficiency boost will also add to the “Groove” metric, which can be seen in the Isleworks Agenda’s top right corner. The better your Groove, the more valuable your products will be when made. Maximum Groove can be enhanced by constructing landmarks in the Island Hideaway, resulting in even more income. When a new Season begins, the Groove is completely reset.


    In demand

    The dependence of the item is based on many factors surrounding the item.

    • The popularity determines the rise and fall of the item with the seasons. The more in-demand item is, the more of it will and needs to be crafted.
    • The supply varies with each cycle, with lesser supply resulting in higher selling prices. How much of the item you have made has a direct impact on the supply
    • The change in demand is inevitable as seasons change so make sure to keep track of the shifts.
    • Predicted Demand is also helpful as it estimates an item’s future supply. Higher demand will reduce supply over time.

    Keeping this in mind, after your Groove has reached its maximum, you should sell high-demand, low-supply things later in the Season. Make sure to time everything accordingly and check the list at the end of the season (which is a week) and keep yourself up to date.

    This is everything you need to know about the setting up and management of the FFXIV Island Sanctuary Workshop. For more guides, check the guide section on our site Retrology.

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