GamingFarthest Frontier: Make People Happy (Happiness Guide)

    Farthest Frontier: Make People Happy (Happiness Guide)

    Farthest Frontier is a plain simple game of survival and simplicity. You have your own land with your people around. In this game, you have to live a simple life as a commoner in the countryside. You can earn many benefits for upcoming levels by increasing your desirability. You can do farming, trade goods, and have arms too. Here, we will assist you in the Farthest Frontier happiness guide about how to make your people happy.

    Farthest Frontier Guide: Make People Happy

    You have to take care of the happiness of your villagers. As it’s crucial to maintain as it brings in more immigrants and stabilizes the population. The more villagers, the safer they will feel. This will ultimately increase your overall score.

    Keep going in the game, you will see that the basic needs of the villagers are fulfilled. So, they don’t need to fight for survival. Then, you will be asked to take care of their comfort by providing better facilities.

    First, you need to see the happiness of the people by heading towards the Town Center and looking at the UI there. There will be the details of everyone in town. This will show their necessities and what else to be fulfilled. The happiness of the villagers is determined by how well they are living.

    Ways to Improve Happiness

    Ways to Improve Happiness
    Ways to Improve Happiness

    You have to provide the essential necessities to the villagers. Such as food, shelter, and health as basics. Next, you have to improve their lifestyle by providing them with comfortable clothes and upgrading buildings. There are various ways to increase their happiness by utilizing them one by one to increase the happiness of the people.


    Food is one of the fundamentals for survival. You have to maintain the food supply and try not to get low on it. If you get low on it, the villagers will have to starve and stress levels will increase drastically.


    Health is also fundamental for the villagers. So, make sure to build a Healer’s House and keep upgrading it. Without proper sanitary areas and unavailability of cleaning products, the villagers can get ill easily.


    The shelter is also crucial for the villagers to survive. You have to provide them with a proper spacious place to live. Otherwise. they will have to pack in a small place which will increase their stress levels.

    These were the basics of survival. Next, you need to provide them comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to improve their happiness using the below-given categories.


    Once the essentials are fulfilled, the villagers can happy to live in a better place. You can improve it by adding gardens, parks or any sports arena around.


    Shoes are also important for the villagers to wear. If not, then they can get injured and are prone to foot infections.


    The same goes for the clothes. They need comfortable clothes and attires to wear. As it will protect them from winters and any other infections.


    Villagers are in families and anyone who dies deserves a place of peace to be buried. There can be deaths due to many reasons like war, age, or any kind of illness. You have to build a graveyard for the dead bodies and as a visiting place for their loved ones.

    Beer/ Alcohol

    Without any danger around villagers are relaxed and are ready to enjoy themselves. Build pubs and clubs around for them to drink and socialize. But be careful of drunk villagers, as they can ignite fights.


    Everyone might not be a fan of drinking. So, you have to build theater and movie shows for them to have fun and enjoy their time.


    Without any stress and worries, the villagers are happy ad relaxed. They have a good time on their hands to get hobbies and new skills.

    Eventually, you can improve your village a lot with many luxuries. This will improve the happiness of the people which will attract more immigrants and thus, improve the population and their lives.

    And that’s a wrap on how to make your villagers happy. Follow this and hopefully, they will become happier than before!

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