GamingRole-PlayingEvil West The Grand Finale Collectibles Locations (Mission 16)

    Evil West The Grand Finale Collectibles Locations (Mission 16)

    Evil West, developed by Flying Wild Hog is an old school action RPG packed with hours of gratuitous gore and bloodshed. The game itself is spread across 16 different missions that all follow the same format. Each level is brimming with collectibles for you to find while grotesque enemies await round the corner. In this guide, we will help you get to all the Evil West the Grand Finale collectibles locations. We have already covered locations for collectibles in other chapters here

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    There are a total of 403 collectibles scattered across all 16 missions in form of:

    • 60 Lore
    • 312 Cash
    • 21 Chests
    • 8 Hidden Perks
    • 2 Weapon Upgrades

    And none of these collectibles are missable. The only collectibles not absolutely necessary for trophies and achievements are the Lore. While you will be needing Cash, Chests, Hidden Perks, and Weapon Upgrades for Platinum /1000 Gamerscore. 

    All the collectibles appear in different forms. For example, the Lore is found in bags. Cash is found lying on the ground, in crates or barrels, inside glowing crates, and on hanging bodies. Chests are a bit harder to find and contain outfit skins, hidden perks, and weapon upgrades.

    Chapter 16 is the final mission of the game and five collectibles are scattered across the chapter in the form of cash.

    Evil West The Grand Finale Collectibles

    Cash # 1

    You will discover the first collectible of this mission in the Ballroom area in the beginning. You will have to get rid of all the enemies in the room so you can proceed to collect it. It can be found directly to your left inside a crate. Shoot the crate to collect the cash. You will collect $364.

    Cash # 2

    Now, head right from where you last collected the cash and walk straight. You will spot another light signaling to the cash. Walk towards it, destroy the crate and collect the cash inside. You will collect $308.

    Cash # 3

    You will find a door at the front of the ballroom. Kick it to enter another hallway and keep walking. At the end of the hallway from the door will be another crate with some cash waiting for you. You will collect $282.

    Evil West The Grand Finale Collectibles

    Cash # 4

    Now keep making your way down the hallway from where you collected the last stack of cash till you see a red couch to your right. This will contain another stack of cash for you to get your hands on. You will collect $ 336.

    Evil West The Grand Finale Collectibles

    Cash # 5

    The last collectible for this mission can be seen directly across from the previous one, on the opposite side of the corridor. Head over to it, break it, and collect $450.

    Evil West The Grand Finale Collectibles

    This was all about the Evil West Grand Finale collectibles. For more similar guides, keep following Retrology. 

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