Evil Dead: The Game Save File and Config File Location

    Released on 13th May, 2022, Evil Dead: The Game is the latest survival horror in the series. The game focuses on Co-op and PvP matches while allowing the players to take control of both humans and monsters. Developed by Saber Interactive, the game only features multiplayer mode. So far, the third-person shooting game has been well received by the previewers and early access players. In this article we will guide you that where can you find Evil Dead: The Game save file and also its configuration file.

    Previously, we have covered the solutions for Evil Dead: The Game’s stuttering and crashing issues. So, you might want to check those as well. That said, let’s jump right into the guide.

    Evil Dead: The Game Save File Location

    Following are the save file locations.



    Evil Dead: The Game Config File Location

    Following are the config file locations.



    With the paths above, you can get to Evil Dead: The Game save file and config file. You can make a backup of the save game in case your data gets lost due to any reason like hard disk failure, Steam account suspension, accidentally overwriting of save file, and as such. Restoring the backup save data will ensure you continue at the same point at which you left before the mishap.

    Furthermore, you can also download save data of other users, and replace it with your save file in the locations mentioned above. This way you can have all of the achievements and perks that will come in the new game data.

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