Every 13 Premonitions locations in The Devil In Me

    The Devil In Me has an interesting story that ties the different Premonitions in the form of pictures or prints to the storyline and adds to its lore. While some of these can be easily spotted, some are harder to see. To help you with the location of all 13 of these Premonitions in The Devil In Me, we’ve jotted down this guide to help you find them all.

    Chapter: Opportunity – Explosion

    The first Premonitions are found when Mark and Charlie leave the group to film a video from the Lighthouse and they will break inside the locked lighthouse. Inside here, once you reach the kitchen, take a 180 turn and look at the wall beside the door. Here on the wall, to the right of the door, you’ll discover the picture.

    Chapter: Island – Turned

    Go farther into the island until they reach the trolley. Here you’ll see the shed which is locked so Katie will need to jump over the broken log. A log wall may be climbed which is by the shed’s entrance. Inside the shed, on the table will be a framed picture of a heart diagram.

    Chapter: Cigarettes – Burnt

    While in the hotel, Charlie would get up to go and find a pack of smokes. During the time you are in control, go to the bar and keep going towards the left following the wall. At the end of this would be the third drawing.

    Chapter: Scouting – United

    After gaining control of Mark, go up the stairwell. Head straight across the dead-end corridor after ascending the stairs beyond Kate’s room. It’s just across from the landing at the end of this passageway.

    Chapter: Noises – Stabbed

    Look around all the different halls as Erin searches for the source of the sobbing using her sound gear. This print will be at the end of a corridor, next to a lamp.

    Chapter: Blood Trails – Cured

    Once everything is trashed and the power is out, you can look around. Just go towards the armchair present near the door and look beside it on the ground.

    Chapter: Workshop – Uncanny

    At the point in Workshop where you’ll start, go left. Look beside the small partition and go around the container sitting on the opposite side of the robot. There on the ground would be the print of a skull.

    Chapter: Interrogation – Crushed

    Return to Jamie’s bedroom once you have taken control of Jamie, who has been isolated from the rest of the gang. Jamie will access the control room by forcing her way through the hidden entrance behind the mirror. A Premonition will appear on the wall alongside the entryway.

    Chapter: Morellos – Dragged

    It can be found after obtaining the key code for the extra room in Morellos’ former room. When you enter the room with the wailing noise, look for this image on the wall. Interacting with the pillow that’s blocking the door will cause a cutscene.

    Chapter: Director’s Suite – Masked

    The Devil In Me Premonitions

    When you first start controlling Jamie in the corridors, turn right and you should see this Premonition on the wall. If you go through the office door, your time in the halls will be over.

    Chapter: Maze – Searching

    The Devil In Me Premonitions

    Go straight forward in the maze. Straight ahead is a tiny enclosure with a tight curve. If you look inside it, you’ll find a Premonition on the ground. If you can’t find it, look around because this region might be perplexing.

    Chapter: Pool – Spiked

    The Devil In Me Premonitions

    Make your way through the rooms until you reach the last one. Look to the right of the door Mark enters the last chamber for a framed drawing on the wall.

    Chapter: Cliffside – Spaced

    The Devil In Me Premonitions

    It is placed on the second floor of the curing facility. Cross the wooden plank and enter through the open window. Inside here, the photo is on the wall toward your right. The spoiler picture frame depicts one clip from the upcoming Supermassive release The Dark Pictures Anthology: Directive 8020.

    These are all the 13 The Devil In Me Premonitions covered. Fore more help in games, check out the gaming and guides section on our site Retrology.

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