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    Escape Academy Under Pressure Solution

    The Coin Crew developers and Skybound Games have built head-scratching puzzles for its genius audience. The reality-based jigsaw puzzle-solving game Escape Room is here to help you enhance your problem-solving skills. The brand new game Escape Room is out on the 14th of July this year and let’s get to read the Escape Academy Under Pressure Solution.

    Escape Academy: The Gameplay 

    Escape Academy Under Pressure Solution
    Escape Academy: The Gameplay 

    The gameplay is about a genius mind-twisting puzzle creator. The story of the game begins at a stealthy school with countless secrets and mysteries. The genius has to pass through versatile types of puzzles to survive. Those puzzles are built by the world’s finest escape room experts. It’s great for escapists who want to sharpen their skills.

    As a player, you will meet students and faculty members along your way. For them, the school feels safe as home. As the puzzles solve, the hidden secrets and mysteries get uncovered. Those secrets reveal surprising facts about the school.

    Puzzle Challenges

    The puzzles lodged in the Escape Academy are a numerous variety of laborious puzzles. They are designed to boost your problem-solving skills. There are mostly word and math problems and the toughest and favorite of all – logic puzzles.

    These are the most favorite ones as the player has to solve these digital puzzles by analog means. The typical video game doesn’t require your body to work but these puzzle rooms have the power to push you to solve it manually.

    Escape Academy Under Pressure Solution

    In this fourth mission, the player is trapped in a Thresher with water leaking into it. The pressure of leaking water is high but don’t let it suppress your smartness. Now, overcome the fear and get out of the thresher. Let’s start with the steps of the solution.

    1st Floor

    Escape Academy Under Pressure Solution
    Escape Academy Under Pressure: 1st Floor
    • You have only five minutes to get out alive. To collect a small key, look for a case in the room. This key will unlock the padlock bolt box for lighting on the wall and next, you need to turn off the lights by flipping the switch towards the inside.
    • You can see a green handprint on the wall. Press to open a hole with tools in it and grab those. Now, you can detach the nails from the board on the wall to come back to the main room.
    • Under the board, “FEAR” is displayed.

    2nd Floor

    • You need to climb up on a ladder to get the wires and use the tools to get the handle of blue value.
    • Here, you face a number puzzle to arrange the number and colors to solve the puzzle and you need to arrange the valve for every spinner, it starts from 1 and ends at 6. As no value can be at 5, arrange it as yellow as 1, red as 2, yellow as 3, blue as 4, and red as 6.
    • Spin the handle to get the rusty key from the water. The key will unlock the padlock wire to grab the handicam. Next, connect the handicam to the place where you got the rusty key, and now, spin the handle again.
    • In the first room, the TV screen displays “WILL“. Type in the characters.

    3rd Floor

    • As you climb up from the ladder, you need to grab an acrylic sheet couch, junk box, and from the wall. Next, you arrange the boards together to get code 510. This code will open up the bolt box beside the exit. In the middle of the room, you can get the handle from the back of the junk boxes.
    • Next, there’s a puzzle to solve with shapes and the code is as Circle, Circle, Square, Spin the handle, and Square.
    • As the puzzle gets solved, a W character is shown. And the new code is 510W as SLOW.

    4th Floor

    • Next, you need to unlock the panels for water pressure and also try for all other panels.
    • Grab all the strange devices placed on the table in the room. You can see the 2 confusing word puzzles to solve. The words should be rearranged to form the words UNDER PRESSURE and OVERWEIGHT.
    • Place the UNDER PRESSURE code under the water pressure lot and OVERWEIGHT above the water weight. Plug in the Strange Device to display the word YO and UR to form YOUR.

    5th Floor

    Escape Academy Under Pressure: 5th Floor
    Escape Academy Under Pressure: 5th Floor
    • On the left of the ladder, open the bolt box to find a switch. Now, flip the switch to send the power up to the pipe. You can smash the box beside the exit with your tool from your collected tools and grab the code sheet.
    • Next, you have to solve a word puzzle from the words on the sheet. You have highlighted the yellow tags and solve it as M from MOVE, D from BEND, I from FIRE, and N from KIND. The crack is here.

    The bottom line of this mission is FEAR WILL SLOW YOUR MIND. And then you can get a badge and be proud of it. This was brief details about how you can get the pressure badge from the Under Pressure mission. Here are the other guides for the Escape Academy missions and news about its updates on our page

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