GamingPuzzleEscape Academy Trial By Taste Solution

    Escape Academy Trial By Taste Solution

    Escape Academy has next-level puzzle games with extraordinary names describing the challenges ahead of time. Trial By Taste is the sixth one of the challenges you will face. The player has to go through this Trail By Taste puzzle level by facing struggles in the cafeteria. This Escape Academy Trail By Taste Solution is here for you to survive this survival puzzle.

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    The Escape Academy Trial By Taste Solution

    As the name depicts, it is the player’s test of taste. In the cafeteria, you need to survive the mission by staying alive. The objective of this Trail By Taste mission is that the player will get poisoned. They need to get the antidote ready to stay alive. Let’s go through the Escape Academy Trail By Taste Solution together.

    Trial By Taste Solution: Open The Padlocks

    Escape Academy Trial By Taste Solution
    Open The Padlocks
    • At the beginning of the mission, you can see that a dish platter is covered.
    • In the cafeteria, different items can be helpful for you. You can grab a crafted fork to unlock one of the padlocks.
    • Now, you will see a poster on the wall and a fire extinguisher nearby. It has information about different microwave timings on it.
    • In the poster, you will identify the title Unidentified Meat. It is mentioned with the timing of 3:35.
    • Next, the microwave will catch fire while heating meat. You can use the fire extinguisher near the poster.
    • As the fire is extinguished, you can see the crafted fork inside the meat. You can grab it to unlock another padlock.
    • Next, look for a moving conveyor belt in the cafeteria. You can also see plates moving on it.
    • There you can find another crafted fork and get it to unlock the last padlock.
    • After all the padlocks are unlocked, the dish platter is uncovered.
    • You will find a milkshake bottle in it. You drink it and get poisoned.

    Unlock The Door

    • You have to unlock the restricted door and here is a word puzzle. As there are word signs, BREAD, O, U, and BREAD to show the bread, buns, and bakery items on the kitchen table.
    • You need to pick the knife from inside the freezer and grab the ice block with it.
    • To get the key, you have to boil the ice block in the pan. You can unlock the door in the dining room with the collected key.
    • You will see a Today’s Special board aside to look at the puzzle behind it. Put it on halt for now.

    Birthday Cake

    Birthday Cake
    Birthday Cake
    • You have to search for a birthday cake with a padlocked box in the cafeteria and have to slice it with a knife.
    • Inside the cake, you will see the colors of the layers red on the topmost, yellow, pink, and blue on the bottom. These color codes will be used to unlock the padlock.
    • After you have unlocked the box, you will see a descriptive book on poisons.
    • You will need it late so save it.

    Dirty Plate

    • There is a fireplace in the cafeteria. You have to reach it and put off the fire with an extinguisher.
    • Next, you will see a dirty plate after the fire has cooled down. You can wash it in the kitchen to reveal a clue on it.
    • Next, search for a spinning table with some bottles on it in the kitchen
    • You have to move the table according to the pattern mentioned on the plate. Here, you will get a pattern puzzle. The clue is first to spin the table clockwise to 2, then spin back anticlockwise to 3, and then spin clockwise to 4.
    • Now, you have unlocked the ultimate method of antidote

    Today’s Special Board

    Today's Special Board
    Today’s Special Board
    • Don’t forget the puzzle behind Today’s Special board. It’s an item-matching puzzle.
    • There are food items on the board that you have to match with the buttons on the pyramid. Cracking the code is very easy.
    • You can grab all the food items from the freezer. The crack of the pyramid buttons is cheese on the top, apple on the right, meat on the top, and bread on the bottom. The direction of the items is the crack of the code.
    • Next, you see an elevator shaft and turn it on. As you go down, you see a Staff key in it.

    Get Antidote Ready

    Escape Academy Trial By Taste Solution
    Get Antidote Ready
    • With the help of the Staff key, you can open the cabinet door which has syrups in it.
    • The ingredients of the antidote recipe are in there. You have to mix 1 Belladonna syrup and 3 Calabar Extract with  1 Mineral Water. Shake it well in a shaker until completely combined.
    • The antidote is ready to drink

    As you drink the antidote, you survive the escape puzzle and earn another badge. This poisonous puzzle will make you Battle with time to fight for your life. There are more thrilling challenges coming your way. Escape Academy Trial By Taste Solution ends here with all details you need. You can find them on our gaming and guides page. Have a look to clearly advance your challenge level.

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