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    Escape Academy The Breakout Solution

    Escape Academy with new puzzles is ready to welcome you. The academy has advanced its notorious puzzles for the players. But the fifth escape room in Escape Academy is going to bring chills down your spine. After passing the fourth mission Under Pressure, here is the proper guide for you to pass through this fatal mission. If you’re new to this Escape Academy fan club, then here are a few guides for you to go through and play better. And let’s start the Escape Academy The Breakout Solution for you.

    Escape Academy: The Breakout Solution

    The Breakout Mission is the fifth escape room where the goal is to help the Headmistress. She needs your help to find a boy named Eel. Here is the guide you’re looking for. Let’s go.

    Contact Headmistress

    The Breakout Mission: Contact Headmistress
    The Breakout Mission: Contact Headmistress
    • Try to contact the Headmistress and confirm if she can hear you. Send her the radio message via the operator. Make sure you get the positive message as 10-A OK.
    • Next, it’s your turn to send the message by typing your positive reply as 10-A OK. After your response, the Headmistress will be ready.

    Disarm The Turret

    The Breakout Mission: Disarm The Turret
    The Breakout Mission: Disarm The Turret
    • When the Headmistress enters the complex, she will inform about the turret she had. You need to disarm it. Now, here is the word puzzle. You need to solve for the serial number of one of the cameras there.
    • The puzzle is Bone and Six Ds. The crack is BONE as ONE. And Six Ds if spoken aloud, it is heard as sixty. The code is 160.
    • Give the crack to the Headmistress over the radio and disarm the turret.
    • Next, is the questions round. Here, the Headmistress will ask you: Is there any terminal computer on the first deck?. You answer back, you need to look at the manual placed next to the screen and get to know that there’s no terminal on deck one.
    • You have to answer her with a negative reply as “10 – 10 NO”. Now, the Headmistress is aware that there is no terminal available on that deck.
    • Next, she inquires Ok, on which deck is the terminal computer on?. As you have the manual now.
    • Go through the manual, you will know that the 2nd deck has the terminal computer. You reply back with “2” as the number of decks.
    • On hearing this, she’s glad to know and heads over there.

    Find The Headmistress

    • You lost contact with the Headmistress and have to find her.
    • You can track her via the radio signal you see on the screen in front. You can cross reference it with the time of the location.
    • Once the coordinates match, you get back in contact with the Headmistress. You type “10-4 OK” reply to confirm your contact.

    Track The Prisoner

    The Breakout Mission: Track The Prisoner
    The Breakout Mission: Track The Prisoner
    • Eel Barnes is held captive in the prison and Headmistress will fax you information related to where he’s kept.
    • With the help of the data provided, you need to solve a logic problem to get the number of cells where Barnes is kept.
    • If still, you couldn’t figure it out, the answer is 503.
    • Inform the Headmistress about the cracked cell number over the radio and she heads there to get him.

    Color Puzzle

    The Breakout Mission: Color Puzzle
    The Breakout Mission: Color Puzzle
    • You have to create a key for Eel by solving a color puzzle. The locks are color-coded and colors are displayed as White, Red, Blue, White, and Red. 
    • A blank screen shows “Eel’s Cell Key” to release him. There are different key shapes that you will move right and left to change the key’s angle. 
    • The key movement is for Blue as down 2 spaces, Red as up 2 spaces, White down 1 space, and Yellow up 1 space. This code will create the lock accordingly.
    • As the key color code will be for 1st as 1 space down, 2nd as 2 spaces up, 3rd as 2 spaces down, 4th as 1 space down, and 5th as 2 spaces up. The code will be created as #24213.
    • Now, send this code to Headmistress on the radio.

    Power Backup

    • After Eel is released, the power supply isn’t stable. To restore the power backup, you need to solve the word puzzle. 
    • Next, you can get a UV torch from the wall where you’ll get the clues to reset the switch to direct it to the letter you want.
    • Once the letters are set, you can turn on the breakers and restore the power supply. If you couldn’t crack the code, then the code is CHARGE. 

    Save The Eel

    • To meet Eel and Headmistress, you need to move to the top deck. They are struck with turrets that can be solved like a word puzzle before.
    • The word puzzle you see is S + even number is 7 and the third teen is 13. The code is 713.
    • After you crack the turret code, you can shoot the arm elsewhere and save Eel and Headmistress.

    Now, you have completed Escape Academy The Breakout Solution. The Escape Academy welcomes you to more puzzles forward. You can get more help for your upcoming mission from the guides and news section of our page.

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