Elden Ring Config File Location

    Elden Ring is finally out. The latest game from Dark Souls developers has once again proved how creative and remarkable they are in making action RPG video games. Needless to say, Elden Ring has been a huge success getting a 10/10 rating from all of the major news publishers. Previously, we have covered guides on fixing Elden Ring’s low FPS, save file location, and crashing issues. Now, it’s time for Elden Ring config file location guide.

    Where is Elden Ring Config File?


    • C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\GraphicsConfig.xml


    • ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/1245620/pfx/

    As the name suggests, the configuration file keeps all the configurations of a game. These are mostly customizable values such as frame limits, FOV value, Full Screen, Language, and literally tons of other settings. Many times, a particular setting doesn’t have an option in the game to be altered. For that, config files come in very handy. However, before making any change in the file, always make sure to make a backup. So, in case you corrupt the file due to entering wrong values or removing important settings, you can always restore the original configuration file.

    Elden Ring is currently available on Steam for you to buy. You can watch the official Elden Ring launch trailer below.

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    Talha Saqib
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