Dying Light 2 all Bandit Camp Locations for you to find (Ban Hammer Trophy)

    Dying Light 2 is a survival horror game, the second game in the series with a new plot, a new protagonist and you guessed it new achievements to unlock. We have covered Dying Light 2 content such as all GRE Anomalies Locations, Windmill Locations, Water Towers, Electrical Stations Locations, along with Save File Locations and fixes to FPS issues you may face. In this guide, we will tell you all bandit camp locations in Dying Light 2 for you to get the “Ban Hammer Trophy“.

    Ban Hammer Trophy Achievement

    To get the “Ban Hammer Trophy” you need to liberate the camp and establish a safe zone. Be sure to loot the camp before claiming the camp as all loot inside the camp will disappear once you claim the flag tower. All the bandit camp locations are given below.

    Bandit Camp #1: Jack and Joe’s Camp

    bandit camp locations in Dying Light 2

    Jack and Joe’s Camp is once visited in the 7th main story quest “The Raid“. It’s located in Horseshoe. And exact location can be seen on the map.

    Bandit Camp #2: Downtown Thugs

    bandit camp locations in Dying Light 2

    The second Bandit camp can be found in the Downtown region. The camp’s location can be seen marked on the map. You can claim the Downtown Bandit camp as your own, make sure to loot it first.

    Bandit Camp #3: Garrison Heights

    bandit camp locations in Dying Light 2

    The third boot camp can be found in Garrison Heights. You can reach there by following the path marked on the map.

    Bandit Camp #4: Heron Renegados

    The last bandit camp is in Heron Renegados. Activate it to make it a safe zone for the survivors.

    That is all for bandit camp locations in Dying Light 2. We hope that this guide will help you in getting the achievement in question. For similar content, be sure to keep following Retrology.

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