GamingRole-PlayingDragon Ball: The Breakers Transpheres Guide

    Dragon Ball: The Breakers Transpheres Guide

    The legendary Dragon Ball: The Breakers are getting the most iconic twists in the series. The series has taken the most vicious villains to be placed as the most vibrant antagonists in the game. The survivors can get to use the powers of their beloved heroes using Transpheres. Here, I had given all the information you need to know about the Dragon Ball: The Breakers Transpheres.

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    Dragon Ball: The Breakers Transpheres

    Survivors of the evil Raider’s attack can get its power charge of their heroes through Transpheres. Transhperes is a temporary power charge-up for the players. It is the wild card that they hold to decide to win a match and also escape the Raider. But for Transphere, you need to know the ground basics.

    You should know that only a Survivor player can unlock and then use the Transphere lined with a character. For example, if you want o use Vegeta’s skill you need to have Vegeta’s Transphere first.

    And to get it unlocked, you need to gather the maximum number of Power Cubes or Power S available around the map. Some areas are still safe from the reach of Raider. The power level of the Survivors needs to be built up till a prompt message of “Change Dragon” appears.

    To gain flying powers, attack the Raider, and dodge away the incoming attacks, your Transphere needs to be scaled on time. It’s crucial for the high-temperature fights between Survivors and Raider.

    Collect Transpheres in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

    Collect Transpheres in Dragon Ball: The Breakers
    Collect Transpheres in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

    To collect Transphere, the only way is through the gacha loot-box system located at the Spirit Sipho. You need to find Spirit Sipho first. You can find it near Trunks in the main lobby. And you can four different in-game currencies for the most powerful Transphere.

    Zeni, Season Siphon Tickets, TP Tokens, and Spirit Siphon Tickets are the currencies used for drops on the rarity of the star numbers. My recommendation is to choose three-star Transphere over five-star as they have a very low drop rate of around 1-2 %.

    Here are some of the ways to collect all four kinds of currencies.

    • Zeni can be collected by breaking various objects around the map. This is easiest way to get this type of currency.
    • TP Tokens are the in-game purchased items through transactions.
    • Spirit Siphon Tickets are like badges earned through the various in-game adventures.
    • Season Siphon Tickets can have them through daily or weekly challenges or Dragon Tiers.

    You can easily get equipped with three Transpheres at a time. You can change them in various Tiers. If you want to use Vegeta’s Transphere in Tiers you can switch to Piccolo in Tier 2. You can unlock both active and passive abilities from various tiers. You have complete control over the Transphere options. Before you enter a match you can change them from the Battle settings.

    Eventually, you can get the most of the powers from Dragon Ball: The Breaking Transphere guide about its usage. If you are interested in more gaming guides, then check our Guides section on Retrology.

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