DNF Duel Vanguard Guide

    The newest Dungeon Fighter Duel character trailer was been released by Neople and Arc System Works. Vanguard is one of the more prominent characters of DNF Duel.The Vanguard, a character in this fighting game who uses a spear in combat, will appear. This new character appears to have a wide range of reach and good mobility even when using a potent weapon. In this DNF Duel Vanguard guide, we will cover the Character playstyle, moveset, and Special moves unique only to Vanguard.

    Character Playstyle

    The Vanguard is a Demonic Lancer subclass in the original Dungeon Fighter Online that specialises in slower, more powerful attacks that prevent enemies from moving. This character has a special system that allows the Vanguard to combine his weaker talents with powerful strikes.

    Vanguard Move Set

    The Vanguard could survive by keeping his enemies close so that he can use his spear assaults effectively. Opponents must be cautious and maintain their distance from him. When they are in his range they should try their best to avoid getting caught in his powerful swings.

    The Vanguard in addition to making wide assaults because he can combo opponents while they are in the air using a special move.

    Vanguard’s capabilities and move set may be appreciated by players with strong fighting game foundations.

    Special Moves

    DNF Duel Vanguard Special Move

    Side Slash

    Skill Button (Hold to change Effect)

    Cleave: Upper

    ↓ + Skill Button

    Cleave: Cut

    → + Skill Button

    Cleave: Slash

    ← + Skill Button

    Impact Strike

    Skill Button (In Air)

    Special MP Moves

    DNF Duel Vanguard Guide
    DNF Duel Vanguard Special MP Move

    Crescent Slash

    ↓ + MP Skill Button (During Brandish)

    Dread Bore

    → + MP Skill Button (During Brandish)


    ← + MP Skill Button (During Brandish)

    Lunge Strike

    ↓ + MP Skill Button


    → + MP Skill Button


    ← + MP Skill Button

    Doom Glaive

    MP Skill Button (In Air)


    MP Skill Button

    Inferno Charge

    MP Skill Button (During Brandish)

    Vanguard Fighting Strategies

    No Gaps, But Guard Damage

    If you want to keep it simple and safe a first good option you have is just doing normal attacks quickly in quick succession so that there’s no gaps in between them and you just go straight for the safe block string. The opponent can’t do anything but you delete a lot of their guard gauge.

    Dirty Throw Mixup

    Let’s start with if the opponent is trying to wait it out and they’re being patient if they’re blocking the whole fight forcing you to go into delay attacks and not mash buttons to counter your attacks. The opponent can go into grab if he has a conversion. If the opponent has done the back skill and then is going into the full one but you delay it slightly right before it hits you can go into conversion and then to grab. This combo is unseeable and penetrates even though the enemy’s block with a little delay.

    That is all for this DNF Duel guide catering to Vanguard. But if you want to see more DNF Duel content be sure to bookmark Retrology.

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