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    DNF Duel Characters Guide

    Developed by Neople, DNF Duel has finally released on the 28th of June 2022. And right after its release, the game has made its way to the screens of many players. It is of no surprise to see how DNF Duel is being compared with some prominent names like Street Fighter, Mortal KombatTekken, etc. DNF Duel is totally packed with numerous unique characters that players just can’t resist.

    In fact, since every character offers its own perks, it has created a dilemma for players when it comes to choosing one. If you’re also one of those players who can’t just get your finger on one character, then worry no more because you’ve come to the right place. We will be discussing each and every character in this DNF Duel characters guide.

    Now, without any further ado, let’s begin with DNF Duel Characters Guide.

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    DNF Duel Characters Guide

    Berserker is definitely one of the strongest and fearless characters, who will sacrifice anything for a proper high damage attack like his HP. Anyone who comes face to face with a Berserker will have to be careful and always ready to counter his attacks, otherwise will definitely face consequences. His attacks like Ghost Slash and Blood Smash are totally worth the watch.


    DNF Duel Characters Guide

    Definitely not a beginner-friendly character, one has to be an intermediate or rather an expert to use this one. It’s one of those characters who can only be appreciated by someone who knows how to take advantage of their abilities.

    Some of her various moves like Punishment and Cut in Dash will totally shut down any opponent. With her impressive defense skills, she can deal with any special attack through Burning Hit. However, her attacks can be a little slow, which can make it challenging when it comes to high-paced fights.


    DNF Duel Characters Guide

    Looking for a beginner-friendly character? Grappler is just the right option for you. His Iron Physique is enough to reduce any white damage that comes while guarding. Grappler has a unique fighting technique when compared to other characters. Although his grappling moves are enough to take care of some opponents, there are other characters that overpower him.


    DNF Duel Characters Guide

    When it comes to Striker, its close-range attacks exert heavy damage on the opponents, making her impossible to defend against at close range. The Striker also has numerous ways to get glued to its opponents, which she uses to not let the opponents keep a safe distance so easily. However, these close-range attacks are not infinite, so learning how to play with her can be a challenging task.


    DNF Duel Characters Guide

    Ranger and its long-range attacks are inevitable to defend against. With his gunshots, he can always keep a distance from his opponents yet still exert heavy damage. He can also combine his long-range attacks with combos that also let him get close to his enemies. However, defending against other opponents while using Ranger can be a challenging task.


    Ever came across a character that’s good at everything? Hitman can be a challenging opponent since he can make an impact in both close and long-range combats. He can make the best use of his SMG that locks its opponents and can exert heavy damage. Nevertheless, the character is not so beginner-friendly and might take a while to master his moves. But once you’ve mastered it, he will become a major threat to others.

    Dragon Knight

    Another beginner-friendly character, Dragon Knight is also one of the dominant characters in DNF Duel. Dragon Knight is capable of using her tamed dragon to fight for her and try out different combos on her opponents. Her unique attacking skills are not so easy to get away with, and Dragon Knight can easily build a defensive sensation among her opponents.


    DNF Duel Characters Guide

    Vanguard is not too beginner-friendly and might take a while to master. His long-range attacks are what make him worth choosing. Vanguard can easily dominate attacks of any opponent with his unique skill set and defense, only if you have mastered his abilities and know when to use them. Nevertheless, just like Inquisitor, his attacks can be a little slow, which can make it challenging when it comes to high-paced fights.


    DNF Duel Characters Guide

    Kunoichi is definitely the most popular character in DNF Duel, which is of no surprise after seeing how aggressive her attacks are. Her teleportation moves and airborne jumps make her unpredictable in combat. Not many characters in the DNF Duel will be able to overpower her.


    There is nothing that Crusader cannot do, you can expect almost everything from him. Because of his range, defense, strength, and powers, Crusader can overpower every character in DNF Duel if you know how to make the best of Crusaders’ abilities. With so much to offer, his holy wall is something that is definitely worth watching while Crusader beats his opponents with his hammer.

    That is all on DNF Duel Characters Guide. To know about May in Guilty Gear Strive – Everything you need to know! Or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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